Prof. Gordon D. Brown


Research Focus

C-type lectin receptors and their role in homeostasis and immunity, with a particular focus on antifungal immunity

Scientific Activities

Gordon Brown is a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator and Director of the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen. He discovered a novel class of pattern recognition receptors that are able to induce immunity (the C-type lectins), and he has contributed considerably to our understanding of the importance of these receptors during infection and to the mechanisms that they utilize to trigger innate and adaptive immune responses.

This work has prompted huge interest in CLRs and influenced the direction of fundamental and applied aspects of the discipline. His research has had a major impact in medical mycology and our understanding of anti-fungal immunity, which is a major area of ongoing interest in his laboratory.

Significant Publications

Brown, G. D., D. W. Denning, N. A. R. Gow, S. M. Levitz, M. G. Netea and T. C. White. 2012. Hidden killers: Human fungal infections. Science Translational Medicine. 4:165rv13

Hardison, S. E. and G.D. Brown. 2012. C-type lectin receptors orchestrate anti-fungal immunity. Nature Immunology. 13:817-22.


Contact information

MRC Centre for Medical Mycology
Room 4.20, Institute of Medical Sciences
AB25 2ZD