The Borders Fungus Group 

Website: Borders Fungus Group

 The aims of the Group are to:

(A) Record the fungi of North Northumberland Vice County VC 68; Berwickshire Vice County VC 81; Roxburgh Vice County VC 80

(B) Encourage the study of fungi in the Counties mentioned above.

(C) Increase the awareness of fungi through running regular forays, talks, workshops and fungus weekends for the general public, with fungal displays and information on how important fungi are in our everyday life.

(D) Promote the conservation of fungi and encourage people to create and protects threatened habitats that are essential for certain fungal species.

(E) Record all fungi identifications on the FRDBI database. This will include foray records and records collected from workshops or individuals within the Group.

Membership is open to any individuals who support the aims of the Group.


Chairperson - Sheila Lillie  ( )

Secretary - Sally Pattison ( )

Treasurer - Sally Pattison


Information provided  July 4th 2022