Award Winners 2023

Winners of the Howard Eggins Award for Early Career Mycologists - best talks 2023

Howard Eggins Award for Early Career Mycologists - Talks

Awarded to the best presentations given by early career mycologists at the BMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2023.

  • 1st: Amelia Clark (Imperial College London)
  • 2nd: Juwon Samuel Afolayan (Nottingham Trent University)
  • 3rd: Emma Agnew (MRC Centre for Medical Mycology/University of Exeter)

Pictured left to right: Juwon; Janet Quinn (BMS President); Emma; Amelia.

Winners of the Howard Eggins Award for Early Career Mycologists - best posters 2023

Howard Eggins Award for Early Career Mycologists - Posters

Awarded to the best posters presented by early career mycologists at the BMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2023.

  • 1st: Sarah Vielreicher (Leibniz - HKI)
  • 2nd: Aybuke Kilic (Newcastle University)
  • 3rd: Joseph Violet (University of Nottingham)

Pictured left to right: Jospeh; Janet Quinn (BMS President); Aybuke; Ilse Jacobsen (accepting the award on behalf of Sarah).

Winner of the Tony Trinci Award 2023 - Ester Gaya

Tony Trinci Award: Dr Ester Gaya

Dr Ester Gaya of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew received the Tony Trinci Award and gave her award presentation, Symbiotic Interactions, at the BMS Annual Scientific Meeting, September 2023. BMS President Janet Quinn (pictured left) said: “This joint Award from the British Mycological Society and the Microbiology Society recognises Tony Trinci’s enormous contribution to mycological research and Dr Gaya’s innovative research on the diversity and evolution of a vast range of fungi makes her an excellent and deserving winner of this Award.” 

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Norman Porrett

Benefactors' Medal: Mr Norman Porrett

Norman's receipt of the Benefactors' Medal is due to his consistent and reliable service to the BMS on many fronts. He is an unfailing source of help and support to members and BMS Council alike, and is completely reliable and efficient in all that he does. Norman's numerous activities including managing the day-to-day finances, records and storage, acting as secretariat to the BMS Council and Committees, and keeping services up to date have ensured the smooth running of the Society for many years.

Jan Dijksterhuis

President's Award: Dr Jan Dijksterhuis

Jan is a Senior Scientist at the Westerdijk Institute and has published 100 research articles covering a diverse range of areas from fungi in the built environment to the mode of action of antifungals. In addition, he has served as Senior Editor of the BMS journal Fungal Biology Reviews for many years, with his hard work significantly contributing to its success. Jan's substantial contributions to mycological research and to the BMS make him a worthy recipient of the President's Award.

Lynne Boddy

John Webster Award: Prof Lynne Boddy

Lynne began her career in mycology at the University of Exeter, under the tutelage of John Webster himself. Her interest in saprotrophic fungi was sparked when she discovered that her student digs were being inexorably devoured by dry rot. Yes: Lynne holds a DSc from Exeter University, has been president of the British Mycological Society, and has been on Radio 4's The Life Scientific but, more than that, everyone who has met, worked and studied with Lynne knows her to be endlessly enthusiastic, warm-hearted and encouraging. As such, Lynne Boddy is a deserving recipient of the John Webster Award.

Brian Spooner

Field Mycology Award: Dr Brian Spooner

Previously head of mycology at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Brian has always encouraged and supported co-operation between Kew and the BMS field mycology community. He has willingly shared his expertise with others over a number of years by tutoring numerous workshops for the BMS, identifying specimens sent by keen amateur mycologists and encouraging them to further their work. For this, and much more besides, Brian thoroughly deserves recognition through this Award.