Gloucestershire Fungus Recording & Research Group


Contact: Tony Hardware

The object of the GFRRG is to study, record and confirm fungi from the key classes of fungi, such as Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes but is not restricted from other types of fungi. It is also a longer-term aim to become self-sufficient in DNA sequencing and analysis through training, purchase of suitable equipment and chemicals. To potentially expanding this as a service to other similarly minded volunteer fungus research groups or individual field mycologists. Collection of voucher material will be encouraged from certain fungi if deemed advantageous to science. It is to also encourage a greater awareness and understanding of fungal conservation in the community and sharing of research data, trends and observations with other groups. It is also aims to collaborate between field and academic/institutional taxonomists. The GFRRG does not organise Forays (in the general sense), public or otherwise and is dedicated to confirming and recording fungi through experienced or enthusiastic volunteer field mycologists during Field Study Days/Events. Collecting will be discouraged.


Subscriptions: £10.00/yr – to cover support costs such as hosting of website, access fees, group DNA analysis requests, and any other expenses. To join the group please provide a brief mycology CV of your experience, qualifications, etc. Prospective members with limited experience are still encouraged to join on an individual basis where help and support will be given.