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The London Fungus Group (LFG) was formed in the year 2000 at a BMS group leaders meeting in the Forest of Dean. The group emerged from Fungi to be with which is still in existence today and is still run by the LFG group leader, Andy Overall.

The LFG was primarily created to take on and handle the many collections and records being collated by FTBW, public forays and workshops.

The group is recognised as the longest standing London Recording Group with recording beginning at a number of sites with FTBW back in 1996. The successful continuation of the recording has been helping to produce a clearer picture of the distribution of larger fungi throughout London’s parks and woodlands and in part, also for, Surrey, Essex and South Hampshire.

Hampstead Heath is one site that has been afforded a lot of attention by the LFG during the past two decades, resulting in 561 species of larger fungi recorded to date, some of which are new to Britain. In more recent years, the Kenwood Estate, which offers a different mosaic of habitats and lies on the Northern Heights of the Heath, has had unprecedented attention, 397 species of larger fungi have been recorded from here since 2007.

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