English names for fungi - April 2022

Below is a list of UK names for fungi  (UK Species) accepted at April 2022 .

The list can also be downloaded here:  pdf.gif

Beneath the UK Species list is a Non-UK Species list accepted at February 2021.


Process for assigning names

A working party formed in 2005 after the publication of the Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota (CBIB) has been increasing the number of common English language names for our fungi.  Please read the Protocol page for a full explanation of the process.

A list of new proposed names is available for review and feedback. This list has been mostly compiled by working alphabetically through CBIB with additional suggestions as they have occurred.  Many of these are unfamiliar species and the proposed common names have been largely based on the relevant scientific name – a column explaining the thinking behind the name is included for interest.  Comments on any misinterpretations of the Latin or Greek would be welcome as would opinions where more than one name is offered.  Any comments will be reviewed by the working party who will make a final decision on the accepted version. These names will then be added to the list of recommended English Names.

The proposed names will remain open for consultation until March 2023. If you wish to comment or make suggestions, please  contact Liz Holden (working party coordinator) via admin@britmycolsoc.info


 UK Species

Current Scientific name

English Name(s)

Abortiporus biennis blushing rosette
Acanthobasidium delicatum delicate crust
Acanthobasidium norvegicum scandi crust
Acanthophysium apricans apricot crust
Agaricus altipes leggy mushroom
Agaricus arvensis horse mushroom
Agaricus augustus the prince
Agaricus benesii mull mushroom
Agaricus bernardii salty mushroom
Agaricus bisporus cultivated mushroom
Agaricus bitorquis pavement mushroom
Agaricus bohusii Medusa mushroom
Agaricus bresadolanus parkland mushroom
Agaricus campestris field mushroom
Agaricus cappellianus clustered mushroom
Agaricus comtulus mini mushroom
Agaricus cupreobrunneus copper mushrooom
Agaricus depauperatus depauperate mushroom
Agaricus devoniensis sandy mushroom
Agaricus dulcidulus rosy wood mushroom
Agaricus fuscofibrillosus dusky mushroom
Agaricus gennadii conifer mushroom
Agaricus impudicus tufted wood mushroom
Agaricus langei scaly wood mushroom
Agaricus lanipes the princess
Agaricus litoralis coastal mushoom
Agaricus luteomaculatus yellowspotting mushroom
Agaricus macrocarpus mammoth mushroom
Agaricus moelleri inky mushroom
Agaricus moellerianus meadow mushroom
Agaricus osecanus snowy mushroom
Agaricus pampeanus pored field mushroom
Agaricus phaeolepidotus dusky scaled mushroom
Agaricus porphyrizon lilac mushroom
Agaricus silvaticus blushing wood mushroom
Agaricus silvicola wood mushroom
Agaricus subfloccosus petticoat mushroom
Agaricus subperonatus tapered mushroom
Agaricus urinascens macro mushroom
Agaricus xanthodermus yellow stainer
Agrocybe arvalis digitate fieldcap
Agrocybe cylindracea poplar fieldcap
Agrocybe elatella marsh fieldcap
Agrocybe erebia dark fieldcap
Agrocybe molesta bearded fieldcap
Agrocybe pediades common fieldcap
Agrocybe praecox spring fieldcap
Agrocybe pusiola mealy fieldcap
Agrocybe putaminum mulch fieldcap
Agrocybe rivulosa wrinkled fieldcap
Agrocybe vervacti fallow fieldcap
Akanthomyces tuberculatus dwarf caterpillarclub
Aleuria aurantia orange peel fungus
Aleurobotrys botryosus briar crust
Aleurodiscus amorphus orange disco
Aleurodiscus aurantius briar disco
Aleurodiscus wakefieldiae pink disco
Allopsalliota geesterani mole mushroom
Amanita argentea silvery amanita
Amanita battarrae banded amanita
Amanita betulae birch amanita
Amanita ceciliae snakeskin grisette
Amanita citrina  false deathcap
Amanita coryli hazel amanita
Amanita crocea orange grisette
Amanita dryophila forest amanita
Amanita echinocephala solitary amanita
Amanita eliae pale amanita
Amanita excelsa var. excelsa ashen amanita
Amanita excelsa var. spissa grey spotted amanita
Amanita flavescens yellowing amanita
Amanita franchetii gilded amanita
Amanita friabilis fragile amanita
Amanita fulva tawny grisette
Amanita inopinata unexpected amanita
Amanita junquillea jewelled amanita
Amanita lividopallescens pale grisette
Amanita muscaria fly agaric
Amanita nivalis mountain grisette
Amanita olivaceogrisea olivegrey amanta
Amanita ovoidea bearded amanita
Amanita pachyvolvata cloaked amanita
Amanita pantherina panthercap
Amanita phalloides deathcap
Amanita porphyria grey veiled amanita
Amanita rubescens blusher
Amanita simulans hammered amanita
Amanita singeri warty amanita
Amanita spadicea date amanita
Amanita strobiliformis warted amanita
Amanita submembranacea olive amanita
Amanita subnudipes smoothlegged amanita
Amanita vaginata grisette
Amanita virosa destroying angel
Amanita vittadinii barefoot amanita
Amaurodon atrocyaneus blue crust
Amaurodon cyaneus upper crust
Amaurodon mustialaensis bluespored crust
Amaurodon viridis green toothcrust
Amphinema angustispora narrow spored crust
Amphinema byssoides cratered duster
Ampulloclitocybe clavipes club foot
Amylostereum areolatum patchy duster
Amylostereum chailletii powdered duster
Amylostereum laevigatum yew duster
Amyloxenasma allantosporum curved crust
Amyloxenasma grisellum grey crust
Anomaloma myceliosa irregular porecrust
Anthracobia macrocystis charcoal goldeneye
Anthracobia melaloma charcoal eyelash
Anthracoidea capillaris hair sedge smut
Antrodia albida whitish porecrust
Antrodia carbonica cottony porecrust
Antrodia pseudosinuosa capped porecrust
Antrodia ramentacea honeycomb crust
Antrodia serialis serried porecrust
Antrodia sinuosa sinuous porecrust
Antrodia xantha yellow porecrust
Antrodiella genistae broom porecrust
Antrodiella onychoides marble porecrust
Antrodiella romellii straw porecrust
Antrodiella semisupina laidback porecrust
Aphanobasidium paludicola marsh crust
Apioperdon pyriforme stump puffball
Armillaria borealis northern honey fungus
Armillaria cepistipes mullet honey fungus
Armillaria ectypa marsh honey fungus
Armillaria gallica bulbous honey fungus
Armillaria mellea honey fungus
Armillaria mellea honey tuft
Armillaria ostoyae dark honey fungus
Armillaria tabescens ringless honey fungus
Arrhenia acerosa moss oysterling
Arrhenia baeospora mealy navel
Arrhenia chlorocyanea verdigris navel
Arrhenia epichysium pitcher navel
Arrhenia griseopallida pelargonium navel
Arrhenia latispora broadspored oysterling
Arrhenia lobata lobed oysterling
Arrhenia obatra montane navel
Arrhenia obscurata dark navel
Arrhenia onisca slater navel
Arrhenia parvivelutina velvet navel
Arrhenia peltigerina lichen navel
Arrhenia philonotis mire navel
Arrhenia retiruga small moss oysterling
Arrhenia rickenii moss navel
Arrhenia rustica rural navel
Arrhenia spathulata spatulate oysterling
Arrhenia sphagnicola sphagnum navel
Arrhenia umbratilis bog shadow
Arrhenia velutipes alpine navel
Artomyces pyxidata candelabra coral
Ascocoryne cyclichnium budding jellydisc
Ascocoryne sarcoides purple jellydisc
Ascocoryne turficola bog jellydisc
Ascotremella faginea striated jellydisc
Aseroë rubra starfish fungus
Asterophora lycoperdoides powdery piggyback
Asterophora parasitica silky piggyback
Asterostroma cervicolor brown starweb
Asterostroma laxum loose starweb
Astraeus hygrometricus barometer earthstar
Athelia alnicola alder crust
Athelia arachnoidea cobweb duster
Athelia bombacina silky crust
Athelia decipiens deceiving crust
Athelia epiphylla candleabra duster
Athelia fibulata clamped crust
Athelia neuhoffii subglobose crust
Athelia nivea snowy crust
Athelia rolfsii bulb crust
Athelia salicum willow crust
Athelia tenuispora thin spored crust
Athelia teutoburgensis germanic crust
Athelopsis galzinii pegged crust
Athelopsis glaucina greenish crust
Athelopsis lembospora ferny crust
Atopospora betulina birch tarspot
Atractosporocybe inornata plain funnel
Aurantiporus fissilis greasy bracket
Aureoboletus gentilis gilded bolete
Auricularia auricula-judae jelly ear
Auricularia mesenterica tripe fungus
Auriscalpium vulgare earpick fungus
Baeospora myosura conifercone cap
Bankera fuligineoalba drab tooth
Bankera violascens spruce tooth
Bartheletia paradoxa ginkgo dotty
Basidiodendron caesiocinerea pearly jellycrust
Basidiodendron cinerum ashgrey jellycrust
Basidiodendron cremum coating jellycrust
Basidiodendron eyrei thin jellycrust
Basidiodendron pini pine jellycrust
Basidiodendron radians knobbly jellycrust
Basidiodendron rimosum cracked jellycrust
Basidiodendron spinosum spiny jellycrust
Basidioradulum radula toothed crust
Battarrea phalloides sandy stiltball
Baudoinia caledoniensis angel's share fungus
Bauhinus marginalis bistort silver rust
Bauhinus pustulatus bistort blister
Belonidium sulphureum yellow mascara disco
Bertia moriformis wood mulberry
Biatoropsis hafellneri beardlichen galler
Biscogniauxia nummularia beech tarcrust
Bisporella citrina lemon disco
Bisporella sulfurina sulphur disco
Bjerkandera adusta smoky bracket
Bjerkandera fumosa big smoky bracket
Blasiphalia pseudogrisella blasia mosscap
Boidinia furfuracea scurfy crust
Boidinia permixta confused crust
Boidinia peroxydata spiny spored crust 
Bolbitius coprophilus dung fieldcap
Bolbitius lacteus creamy fieldcap
Bolbitius pluteoides penthouse fieldcap
Bolbitius reticulatus netted fieldcap
Bolbitius titubans yellow fieldcap
Boletopsis grisea grey falsebolete
Boletopsis watlingii black falsebolete
Boletus aereus bronze bolete
Boletus appendiculatus oak bolete
Boletus armeniacus apricot bolete
Boletus badius bay bolete
Boletus bubalinus ascot hat
Boletus calopus bitter beech bolete
Boletus chrysenteron red cracking bolete
Boletus cisalpinus bluefoot bolete
Boletus declivatum orangefoot bolete
Boletus depilatus bald bolete
Boletus edulis penny bun / cep
Boletus fechtneri pale bolete
Boletus ferrugineus rusty bolete
Boletus fragrans fragrant bolete
Boletus immutatus constant bolete
Boletus impolitus iodine bolete
Boletus legaliae bilious bolete
Boletus luridiformis var. discolor false yellow bolete
Boletus luridiformis var. luridiformis scarletina bolete
Boletus luridus lurid bolete
Boletus mendax mimic bolete
Boletus moravicus tawny bolete
Boletus pinophilus pine bolete
Boletus porosporus sepia bolete
Boletus pruinatus matt bolete
Boletus pseudoregius the pretender
Boletus pseudosulphureus yellow bolete
Boletus pulverulentus inkstain bolete
Boletus queletii deceiving bolete
Boletus radicans rooting bolete
Boletus reticulatus summer bolete
Boletus rhodopurpureus oldrose bolete
Boletus rhodoxanthus ruddy bolete
Boletus ripariellus riverine bolete
Boletus rubellus ruby bolete
Boletus satanas devil's bolete
Boletus subappendiculatus unchanging bolete
Boletus subtomentosus suede bolete
Botryobasidium asperulum warty spored crust
Botryobasidium aureum golden crust
Botryobasidium candicans stardust crust
Botryobasidium conspersum sprinkled crust
Botryobasidium danicum danish crust 
Botryobasidium ellipsosporum dusted crust
Botryobasidium intertextum interwoven crust
Botryobasidium isabellinum seamine crust
Botryobasidium laeve confluent crust
Botryobasidium obtusisporum obtuse spored crust
Botryobasidium pruinatum hoary crust
Botryobasidium subcoronatum coronet crust
Botryobasidium vagum rambling crust
Bovista aestivalis summer puffball
Bovista dermoxantha dwarf puffball
Bovista nigrescens brown puffball
Bovista paludosa fen puffball
Bovista plumbea grey puffball
Bovista pusilla least puffball
Brevicellicium exile thin crust
Brevicellicium olivascens granulated crust
Buchwaldoboletus lignicola wood bolete
Buchwaldoboletus sphaerocephalus golden bolete
Buglossoporus quercinus oak polypore
Bulbillomyces farinosus couscous crust
Bulgaria inquinans black bulgar / batchelor's buttons
Bulgariella pulla dusky disco
Byssocorticium atrovirens green webcrust
Byssocorticium efibulatum loose webcrust
Byssocorticium pulchrum beautiful webcrust
Byssomerulius corium netted crust
Byssonectria terrestris butterycups
Byssoporia terrestris grounded porecrust
Cainiella johansonii mountain avens microdot
Calathella eruciformis caterpillar cuplet
Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum olive starcap
Callistosporium pinicola pine starcap
Calloria neglecta nettle pox
Calocera cornea small stagshorn
Calocera furcata forked stagshorn
Calocera glossoides tongue stagshorn
Calocera pallidospathulata pale stagshorn
Calocera viscosa yellow stagshorn
Calocybe favrei gilded domecap 
Calocybe gambosa St. George's mushroom
Calocybe gangraenosa smoky domecap
Caloscypha fulgens golden cup
Calvatia gigantea giant puffball
Calyptella campanula bell hoodie
Calyptella capula bowl hoodie
Camarophyllopsis schulzeri matt fanvault
Camarops polysperma thick tarcrust
Campanella caesia marram oysterling
Candelabrochaete septocystidia crosswalled crust
Cantharellopsis prescotii forked navel
Cantharellula umbonata the humpback
Cantharellus amethysteus amethyst chanterelle
Cantharellus cibarius chanterelle
Cantharellus ferruginascens pale chanterelle
Cantharellus friesii orange chanterelle
Cantharellus pallens frosted chanterelle
Cantharellus romagnesianus lemon chanterelle
Cantharellus tubaeformis trumpet chanterelle
Catinella olivacea olive salver
Cellypha goldbachii hairy cuplet
Cephaloscypha mairei fern cuplet
Ceraceomyces borealis northern crust
Ceraceomyces crispatus serpentine crust
Ceraceomyces eludens elusive crust
Ceraceomyces microsporus small spored crust
Ceraceomyces tessulatus checkered crust
Ceratellopsis aculeata spine club
Ceratellopsis acuminata needle club
Ceratellopsis sagittiformis arrow club
Ceratobasidium anceps bracken horncrust
Ceratobasidium bulbilifaciens lichen horncrust
Ceratobasidium calosporum sinuous horncrust
Ceratobasidium cornigerum pronged horncrust
Ceratobasidium pseudocornigerum short horncrust
Ceratosebacina calospora snakyspored crust
Ceratosebacina longispora longspored crust
Cerinomyces crustulinus bispored crust
Ceriporia aurantiocarnescens salmon porecrust
Ceriporia excelsa pinkish porecrust
Ceriporia herinkii honeycomb porecrust
Ceriporia mellita honey porecrust
Ceriporia metamorphosa oak porecrust
Ceriporia purpurea bruising porecrust
Ceriporia reticulata reticulate porecrust
Ceriporia spissa thick porecrust
Ceriporia viridans greening porecrust
Ceriporiopsis aneirina ochre porecrust
Ceriporiopsis gilvescens pink porecrust
Ceriporiopsis pannocincta green porecrust
Cerrena unicolor labyrinth turkeytail
Chaetocalathus craterellus hairy oysterling
Chaetodermella luna crescent crust
Chaetotyphula actiniceps rayed club
Chalciporus piperatus peppery bolete
Chamaemyces fracidus dewdrop dapperling
Chamonixia caespitosa blueing false truffle
Cheilymenia granulata cowpat gem
Cheimonophyllum candidissimum snowy oysterling
Chlorencoelia versiformis flea's ear
Chlorociboria aeruginascens green elfcup
Chlorociboria aeruginosa turquoise elfcup
Chlorociboria glauca green hazelcup
Chlorophyllum brunneum brown parasol
Chlorophyllum molybdites false parasol
Chlorophyllum olivieri conifer parasol
Chlorophyllum rhacodes shaggy parasol
Chondrogaster pachysporus eucalyptus false truffle
Chondrostereum purpureum silverleaf fungus
Chromocyphella lamellata gilled moss ear
Chromocyphella muscicola moss ear
Chroogomphus rutilus copper spike
Chrysomphalina chrysophylla golden navel
Chrysomphalina grossula green navel
Chrysomyxa empetri crowberry rust
Chrysomyxa pirolata wintergreen rust
Ciboria caucus alder goblet
Cinereomyces linbladdii patchy porecrust
Clathrus archeri devil's fingers
Clathrus ruber red cage
Clavaria acuta pointed club
Clavaria amoenoides beautiful club
Clavaria argillacea moor club
Clavaria asperulispora  prickly spored club 
Clavaria atroumbrina sooty club
Clavaria crosslandii pallid club
Clavaria flavipes straw club
Clavaria flavostellifera starry club
Clavaria fragilis white spindles
Clavaria fumosa smoky spindles
Clavaria greletii dark club
Clavaria incarnata skinny club
Clavaria rosea rose spindles
Clavaria tenuipes skinnyfoot club
Clavaria zollingeri violet coral
Clavariadelphus ligula ochre club
Clavariadelphus pistillaris giant club
Claviceps purpurea ergot
Clavicorona taxophila yew club
Clavulina cinerea grey coral
Clavulina coralloides crested coral
Clavulina reae graceful coral
Clavulina rugosa wrinkled club
Clavulinopsis corniculata meadow coral
Clavulinopsis fusiformis golden spindles
Clavulinopsis helvola yellow club
Clavulinopsis laeticolor handsome club
Clavulinopsis luteoalba apricot club
Clavulinopsis rufipes rufus footed coral
Clavulinopsis subtilis slender coral
Clavulinopsis umbrinella beige coral
Clitocella (Rhodocybe) fallax bitter miller
Clitocybe agrestis field funnel
Clitocybe albofragrans frosted fragrant funnel
Clitocybe alexandri Alexander's funnel
Clitocybe americana wood funnel
Clitocybe augeana floury funnel
Clitocybe barbularum dune funnel
Clitocybe brumalis winter funnel
Clitocybe collina sunseeker funnel
Clitocybe diatreta pierced funnel
Clitocybe diosma whitelaced funnel
Clitocybe ditopa mealy frosted funnel
Clitocybe ericetorum heath funnel
Clitocybe foetens foetid funnel
Clitocybe fragrans fragrant funnel
Clitocybe frysica silky funnel
Clitocybe fuscosquamula dark scaled funnel
Clitocybe houghtonii pink gilled funnel
Clitocybe leucodiatreta milky funnel
Clitocybe metachroa twotone funnel
Clitocybe metachroides bicoloured funnel
Clitocybe nebularis clouded funnel
Clitocybe obsoleta faded funnel
Clitocybe odora aniseed funnel
Clitocybe ornamentalis ornamental funnel
Clitocybe phyllophila frosty funnel
Clitocybe rivulosa fool's funnel
Clitocybe sinopica spring funnel
Clitocybe squamulosa scaly funnel
Clitocybe subcordispora hearty funnel
Clitocybe subdryadicola montane funnel
Clitocybe subspadicea pale date funnel
Clitocybe trulliformis dapper funnel
Clitocybe truncicola trunk funnel
Clitocybe vibecina mealy funnel
Clitocybula lacerata torn toughshank
Clitopilus cystidiatus grey miller
Clitopilus daamsii pinkgilled oysterling
Clitopilus hobsonii miller's oysterling
Clitopilus passeckerianus straw oysterling
Clitopilus pinsitus broadleaf oysterling
Clitopilus prunulus the miller
Clitopilus scyphoides cupped oysterling
Coleosporium tussilaginis coltsfoot rust
Collybia cirrhata piggyback shanklet
Collybia cookei splitpea shanklet
Collybia tuberosa lentil shanklet
Coltricia cinnamomea cinnamon tiger's eye
Coltricia confluens confluent tiger's eye
Coltricia perennis tiger's eye
Conferticium insidiosum cunning crust
Coniophora arida dry duster
Coniophora fusispora spindle duster
Coniophora olivacea olive duster
Coniophora prasinoides greentint duster
Coniophora puteana wet rot
Conocybe aeruginosa verdigris conecap
Conocybe alboradicans whiteroot conecap
Conocybe ambigua changeable conecap
Conocybe anthracophila bonfire conecap
Conocybe antipus whitelaced conecap
Conocybe apala milky conecap
Conocybe aporus nonpored conecap
Conocybe arrhenii ringed conecap
Conocybe aurea golden conecap
Conocybe blattaria cockroach conecap
Conocybe brachypodii small bulbed conecap
Conocybe brunnea brown conecap
Conocybe brunneola brownish conecap
Conocybe candida white conecap
Conocybe coprophila dung conecap
Conocybe cyanopus bluefoot conecap
Conocybe dentatomarginata toothed conecap
Conocybe dumetorum copse conecap
Conocybe dunensis dune conecap
Conocybe echinata grubby conecap
Conocybe exannulata naked conecap
Conocybe excedens var. pseudomesospora false ginger conecap
Conocybe farinacea mealy conecap
Conocybe filaris fool's conecap
Conocybe fimetaria horseapple conecap+B194
Conocybe fuscimarginata composting conecap
Conocybe hadrocystis stoutcyst conecap
Conocybe hexagonospora angled conecap
Conocybe hornana bulbous conecap
Conocybe incarnata pinky conecap
Conocybe inocybeoides onionfoot conecap
Conocybe intrusa hothouse conecap
Conocybe juniana stoppered conecap
Conocybe lenticulospora hairy conecap
Conocybe leucopus white footed conecap
Conocybe macrocephala bigheaded conecap
Conocybe macrospora big spored conecap
Conocybe magnispora large spored conecap
Conocybe mairei bare conecap
Conocybe merdaria mucky conecap
Conocybe mesospora ginger conecap
Conocybe murinacea mousy conecap
Conocybe ochrostriata palelined conecap
Conocybe pallidospora palespored conecap
Conocybe percincta girdled conecap
Conocybe pilosella callused conecap
Conocybe pinetorum pine conecap
Conocybe plicatella fluted conecap
Conocybe pubescens downy conecap
Conocybe pulchella beautiful conecap
Conocybe pygmaeoaffinis hoary conecap
Conocybe rickeniana rusty conecap
Conocybe rickenii olive conecap
Conocybe rostellata stardew conecap
Conocybe rugosa wrinkled conecap
Conocybe sabulicola sandy conecap
Conocybe semiglobata roundhead conecap
Conocybe siennophylla browngilled conecap
Conocybe siliginea pallid conecap
Conocybe singeriana bigfoot conecap
Conocybe striaepes linedleg conecap
Conocybe subovalis ellipsoid conecap
Conocybe subpubescens velveteen conecap
Conocybe sulcatipes furrowedfoot conecap
Conocybe tenera common conecap
Conocybe umbonata umbonate conecap
Conocybe utriformis uterine conecap
Conocybe velata veiled conecap
Conocybe velutipes fleecyfoot conecap
Conocybe vestita caped conecap
Conocybe vexans vexed conecap
Conocybe watlingii rooting conecap
Conohypha albocremea conecelled crust
Contumyces rosellus rosy navel
Coprinellus amphithallus umbrella inkcap
Coprinellus angulatus bishop's inkcap
Coprinellus bisporiger twin spored inkcap
Coprinellus bisporus two spored inkcap
Coprinellus cinnamomeotinctus cinnamon inkcap
Coprinellus congregatus clustered inkcap
Coprinellus curtus short inkcap
Coprinellus dilectus beloved inkcap
Coprinellus disseminatus fairy inkcap
Coprinellus domesticus firerug inkcap
Coprinellus ephemerus fleeting inkcap
Coprinellus flocculosus flocculose inkcap
Coprinellus heptemerus dewdrop inkcap
Coprinellus heterosetulosus variedcell inkcap
Coprinellus heterothrix hairy inkcap
Coprinellus hiascens splitting inkcap
Coprinellus impatiens impatient inkcap
Coprinellus marculentus hexagonal inkcap
Coprinellus micaceus glistening inkcap
Coprinellus pellucidus transparent inkcap
Coprinellus plagioporus slantpored inkcap
Coprinellus pyrrhanthes whirling inkcap
Coprinellus saccharinus sweet inkcap
Coprinellus sclerocystidiosus thickcelled inkcap
Coprinellus silvaticus woodland inkcap
Coprinellus subdisseminatus sprite inkcap
Coprinellus subimpatiens frustrating inkcap
Coprinellus subpurpureus mauve inkcap
Coprinellus truncorum trunk inkcap
Coprinellus velatopruinatus hoary inkcap
Coprinellus verrucispermus roughspored inkcap
Coprinellus xanthothrix blond inkcap
Coprinopsis acuminata humpback inkcap
Coprinopsis ammophilae dune inkcap
Coprinopsis argentea silver inkcap
Coprinopsis atramentaria common inkcap
Coprinopsis bellula exquisite inkcap
Coprinopsis bicornis cowhorn inkcap
Coprinopsis candidata white inkcap
Coprinopsis candidolanata wooly white inkcap
Coprinopsis cinerea grey inkcap
Coprinopsis cinereofloccosa ashen inkcap
Coprinopsis coniophora duster inkcap
Coprinopsis cordispora ticker inkcap
Coprinopsis cortinata veiled inkcap
Coprinopsis cothurnata powdered inkcap
Coprinopsis echinospora warty inkcap
Coprinopsis ephemeroides diaphanous inkcap
Coprinopsis episcopalis mitre inkcap
Coprinopsis erythrocephala redheaded inkcap
Coprinopsis filamentifer threaded inkcap
Coprinopsis friesii rhomboid inkcap
Coprinopsis gonophylla subglobose inkcap
Coprinopsis jonesii bonfire inkcap
Coprinopsis krieglsteineri cobwebby inkcap
Coprinopsis kubickae bulbous inkcap
Coprinopsis laanii dotty inkcap
Coprinopsis lagopus hare'sfoot inkcap
Coprinopsis luteocephala yellow inkcap
Coprinopsis macrocephala bighead inkcap
Coprinopsis marcescibilis ephemeral inkcap
Coprinopsis martinii rushy inkcap 
Coprinopsis narcotica stinking inkcap
Coprinopsis nivea snowy inkcap
Coprinopsis ochraceolanata ochreveiled inkcap
Coprinopsis pachyderma thickskinned inkcap
Coprinopsis pachysperma thickspored inkcap
Coprinopsis panmucidioides ragged inkcap
Coprinopsis patouillardii composting inkcap
Coprinopsis phaeospora darkspored inkcap
Coprinopsis phlyctidospora wartyspored inkcap
Coprinopsis picacea magpie inkcap
Coprinopsis poliomallus greyhaired inkcap
Coprinopsis pseudofriesii thorny inkcap
Coprinopsis pseudonivea aromatic inkcap
Coprinopsis pseudoradiata false rayed inkcap
Coprinopsis radiata rayed inkcap
Coprinopsis radicans rooting inkcap
Coprinopsis romagnesianus orangy inkcap
Coprinopsis rubigosobispora rusty inkcap
Coprinopsis saccharomyces yeasty inkcap
Coprinopsis sclerotiger corming inkcap
Coprinopsis scobicola sawdust inkcap
Coprinopsis semitalis winged inkcap
Coprinopsis spelaiophila fleeting inkcap
Coprinopsis stangliana pied inkcap
Coprinopsis stercorea dung inkcap
Coprinopsis strossmayeri trooping inkcap
Coprinopsis tigrinella speckled inkcap
Coprinopsis trispora threespored inkcap
Coprinopsis tuberosa tuberous inkcap
Coprinopsis urticicola swamp inkcap
Coprinopsis utrifer dusty inkcap
Coprinopsis vermiculifer wormy inkcap
Coprinus alopecius distinguished inkcap
Coprinus comatus shaggy inkcap / lawyer's wig
Coprinus sterquilinus midden inkcap
Coprinus vosoustii starry inkcap
Cordyceps militaris scarlet caterpillarclub
Coronicium alboglaucum jewelless crust
Coronicium gemmiferum jewelled crust
Corticium erikssonii bulbiferous crust
Corticium roseum pink crust
Cortinarius acetosus vinegar webcap
Cortinarius acutospissipes tapering webcap
Cortinarius acutus peaked webcap
Cortinarius albocyaneus glossy webcap
Cortinarius alboviolaceus pearly webcap
Cortinarius alnetorum alder webcap
Cortinarius alpinus mountain webcap
Cortinarius ammophilus dune webcap
Cortinarius amoenolens blueleg webcap
Cortinarius angelesianus angelic webcap
Cortinarius anomalus variable webcap
Cortinarius anthracinus smouldering webcap
Cortinarius aprinus boar webcap
Cortinarius arcuatorum arched webcap 
Cortinarius argenteopileatus silvertop webcap
Cortinarius armillatus red banded webcap
Cortinarius arquatus yellowish webcap
Cortinarius atropusillus darkling webcap
Cortinarius atrovirens olive webcap
Cortinarius aurantiobasilis goldenfoot webcap
Cortinarius aureomarginatus gilded webcap
Cortinarius aureopulverulentus golddust webcap
Cortinarius azureovelatus yellow capped webcap
Cortinarius balaustinus granulated webcap
Cortinarius balteatoalbus pallid webcap
Cortinarius balteatocumatilis undulating webcap
Cortinarius barbatus snowy webcap
Cortinarius basililaceus lilacfooted webcap
Cortinarius basiroseus rosefooted webcap
Cortinarius bataillei firefoot webcap
Cortinarius bergeronii chalky webcap
Cortinarius betulinus birchwood webcap
Cortinarius bibulus swampling webcap
Cortinarius biformis doubled webcap
Cortinarius bivelus woollyfoot webcap 
Cortinarius bolaris dappled webcap
Cortinarius boreicyanites northern blue webcap
Cortinarius bovinus bovine webcap
Cortinarius brunneiaurantius goldenbrown webcap
Cortinarius brunneus brown webcap
Cortinarius bulbosus bulbous webcap
Cortinarius bulliardii hotfoot webcap
Cortinarius caerulescens mealy bigfoot webcap
Cortinarius caesiocanescens grey webcap
Cortinarius caesiocinctus bluegirdled webcap
Cortinarius caesiostramineus straw webcap
Cortinarius cagei bicoloured webcap
Cortinarius caledoniensis Caledonian webcap+C392
Cortinarius caligatus lilacgilled webcap
Cortinarius callisteus tawny webcap
Cortinarius calochrous beautiful webcap
Cortinarius camphoratus goatcheese webcap
Cortinarius caninus canine webcap
Cortinarius caperatus the gypsy
Cortinarius caroviolaceus mealy webcap
Cortinarius casimiri umbonate webcap
Cortinarius castaneolens chestnut webcap
Cortinarius catharinae charming webcap
Cortinarius cedretorum cedar webcap
Cortinarius cephalixus blanched webcap
Cortinarius chrysomallus goldenhaired webcap
Cortinarius cinereobrunneolus veiled webcap
Cortinarius cinnabarinus cinnabar webcap
Cortinarius cinnamomeoluteus ochre webcap
Cortinarius cinnamomeus cinnamon webcap
Cortinarius cinnamoviolaceus belted webcap
Cortinarius circinans rounded webcap
Cortinarius cisticola rockrose webcap
Cortinarius citrinus citrine webcap
Cortinarius claricolor bright webcap
Cortinarius claroplaniusculus brightling webcap
Cortinarius coerulescentium rubbery webcap
Cortinarius coleoptera beetle webcap
Cortinarius collinitus blue-girdled webcap
Cortinarius collocandoides opalescent webcap
Cortinarius collossipes bigfoot webcap
Cortinarius comptulus ornamented webcap
Cortinarius confirmatus confirmed webcap
Cortinarius corrosus spruce bigfoot webcap
Cortinarius cotoneus buckskin webcap
Cortinarius crassus stout webcap
Cortinarius croceocaeruleus handsome webcap
Cortinarius croceus saffron webcap
Cortinarius cumatilis wavy webcap
Cortinarius cyanites blushing webcap
Cortinarius cyanopus bluefoot webcap
Cortinarius damascenus clustered webcap
Cortinarius danicus rimed webcap
Cortinarius daulnoyae strapping webcap
Cortinarius decipiens sepia webcap
Cortinarius delibutus yellow webcap
Cortinarius depressus pimpled webcap
Cortinarius diabolicoides devilish webcap
Cortinarius diasemospermus lemonbalm webcap
Cortinarius dibaphus doubledyed webcap
Cortinarius dionysae millers webcap
Cortinarius diosmus clay webcap
Cortinarius disjungendus inrolled webcap
Cortinarius dolobratus cedarwood webcap
Cortinarius durus hard webcap
Cortinarius elatior tall webcap
Cortinarius elegantior elegant webcap
Cortinarius elegantissimus dapper webcap
Cortinarius emollitus biting webcap
Cortinarius emunctus viscid webcap
Cortinarius epipurrus delightful webcap
Cortinarius epsomiensis broadspored webcap
Cortinarius erubescens reddening webcap
Cortinarius erythrinus reddish webcap
Cortinarius evernius silky webcap
Cortinarius fagetorum beech webcap
Cortinarius ferrusinus ferrous webcap
Cortinarius fervidus dyer's webcap
Cortinarius flexipes var. flabellus pelargonium webcap
Cortinarius flexipes var. flexipes pine pelargonium webcap
Cortinarius fragantior fragrant webcap
Cortinarius fulvaureus tacked webcap
Cortinarius fulvescens pinkveiled webcap
Cortinarius fulvochraceus var. cyanophyllus bluegilled webcap
Cortinarius fulvosquamosus sand webcap
Cortinarius furfuraceus scurfy webcap
Cortinarius fusisporus spindle webcap
Cortinarius gausapatus mantled webcap
Cortinarius gentilis conifer webcap
Cortinarius geraniolens geranium webcap
Cortinarius glandicolor acorn webcap
Cortinarius glaucopus greenfoot webcap
Cortinarius helobius wetland webcap
Cortinarius helvelloides swamp webcap
Cortinarius hemitrichus frosty webcap
Cortinarius herpeticus creeping webcap
Cortinarius heterosporus boletoid webcap
Cortinarius hillieri hornbeam webcap
Cortinarius hinnuleus earthy webcap
Cortinarius hinnuloides russet webcap
Cortinarius hoeftii iodoform webcap
Cortinarius humicola golden webcap
Cortinarius humolens humus webcap
Cortinarius huronensis sphagnum webcap
Cortinarius illibatus unimpaired webcap
Cortinarius illuminus dull webcap
Cortinarius imbutus saturated webcap
Cortinarius incisior sliced webcap
Cortinarius incisus incised webcap
Cortinarius inconspicuus modest webcap
Cortinarius infractus bitter webcap
Cortinarius inolens pine webcap
Cortinarius integerrimus purple stocking webcap
Cortinarius ionophyllus violetgilled webcap
Cortinarius junghuhnii sterileedged webcap
Cortinarius lacustris lakeside webcap
Cortinarius laniger woolly webcap
Cortinarius largus big bellied webcap
Cortinarius leiocastaneus honeybrown webcap
Cortinarius lepidopus flocked webcap
Cortinarius lepistoides malty webcap
Cortinarius leucoluteolus jaundiced webcap
Cortinarius lilacinovelatus lilacveiled webcap
Cortinarius limonius sunset webcap
Cortinarius livido-ochraceus wrinkled webcap
Cortinarius livor bruised webcap
Cortinarius lucorum aspen webcap
Cortinarius luhmanii patched webcap
Cortinarius luridus lurid webcap
Cortinarius macropodius yeti webcap
Cortinarius magicus magical webcap
Cortinarius mairei alluring webcap
Cortinarius malachius mallow webcap
Cortinarius malicorius gilded webcap
Cortinarius marjoranae marjoram webcap 
Cortinarius megacystidiosus bigcelled webcap
Cortinarius microspermus smallspored webcap
Cortinarius moenne-loccozii booted webcap
Cortinarius mucifluoides sticky webcap
Cortinarius mucifluus slimy webcap
Cortinarius mucosus orange webcap
Cortinarius multiformium fibrillose webcap
Cortinarius mussivus stinking webcap
Cortinarius myxo-anomalus uneven webcap
Cortinarius nanceiensis bilious webcap
Cortinarius nigromammosus blackbreasted webcap
Cortinarius nolaneiformis campanulate webcap
Cortinarius norvegicus northern webcap
Cortinarius nothosaniosus villainous webcap
Cortinarius obtusorum obtuse webcap
Cortinarius obtusus blunt webcap
Cortinarius ochroleucus cream webcap
Cortinarius odorifera aniseed webcap
Cortinarius olearioides saffron stainer
Cortinarius olidus musty webcap
Cortinarius olivaceofuscus olivaceous webcap
Cortinarius ominosus  portentous webcap
Cortinarius orellanus fool's webcap
Cortinarius osmophorus sweet webcap
Cortinarius paragaudis embroidered webcap
Cortinarius parvannulatus ringed webcap
Cortinarius pearsonii heath webcap
Cortinarius pertristis montane webcap
Cortinarius phaeophyllus darkgilled webcap
Cortinarius phaeopygmaeus tiny webcap
Cortinarius pholideus scaly webcap
Cortinarius platypus flatfooted webcap
Cortinarius pluvius edged webcap
Cortinarius poecilopus spotted webcap
Cortinarius poppyzon domed webcap
Cortinarius porphyropus purplefoot webcap
Cortinarius praestans goliath webcap
Cortinarius praestigiosus tricky webcap
Cortinarius pratensis meadow webcap
Cortinarius psammocephalus sandy webcap
Cortinarius pseudocandelaris ghostlight webcap
Cortinarius pseudofallax deceiving webcap
Cortinarius punctatiformis speckled webcap
Cortinarius puniceus crimson webcap
Cortinarius purpurascens bruising webcap
Cortinarius purpureus imperial webcap
Cortinarius quarciticus quartzy webcap
Cortinarius quercoconicus conical webcap
Cortinarius rapaceus turnip webcap
Cortinarius raphanoides radishy webcap
Cortinarius rheubarbarinus rhubarb webcap
Cortinarius rickenianus nymphs webcap
Cortinarius riederi leonine webcap
Cortinarius rigens rigid webcap
Cortinarius rubellus deadly webcap
Cortinarius rubicundulus ruddy webcap
Cortinarius rubricosus roughened webcap
Cortinarius rufo-olivaceus mottled webcap
Cortinarius rufostriatus russet lined webcap
Cortinarius saginus cloaked webcap
Cortinarius salor flamboyant webcap
Cortinarius sanguineus bloodred webcap
Cortinarius saniosus golden banded webcap
Cortinarius saporatus stately webcap
Cortinarius saturninus trooping webcap
Cortinarius scandens climbing webcap
Cortinarius scaurus green webcap
Cortinarius scotoides alban webcap
Cortinarius semisanguineus surprise webcap
Cortinarius septentrionalis boreal webcap
Cortinarius simulatus copycat webcap
Cortinarius sobrius sober webcap
Cortinarius sodagnitus bitter bigfoot webcap
Cortinarius sommerfeltii concentric webcap
Cortinarius spadicellus date webcap
Cortinarius sphagnicola bog webcap
Cortinarius spilomeus freckled webcap
Cortinarius spisnii bland webcap
Cortinarius splendens splendid webcap
Cortinarius splendificus splendi+B329ferous webcap
Cortinarius squamosocephalus cracking webcap
Cortinarius suaveolens perfumed webcap
Cortinarius subbalaustinus burnt orange webcap
Cortinarius subcoronatus regent webcap
Cortinarius suberi smoky webcap
Cortinarius subtortus incense webcap
Cortinarius subtorvus sheathed webcap
Cortinarius suillus piggy webcap
Cortinarius tabacinus tobacco webcap
Cortinarius tabularis wan webcap
Cortinarius talus honey webcap
Cortinarius terpsichores dancing+B535 webcap
Cortinarius testaceoviolascens brickred webcap
Cortinarius tofaceus stonelike webcap
Cortinarius tortuosus twisted webcap
Cortinarius torvoides feral webcap
Cortinarius torvus stocking webcap
Cortinarius traganus gassy webcap
Cortinarius triformis tricoloured webcap
Cortinarius triumphans birch webcap
Cortinarius trivialis girdled webcap
Cortinarius tubarius mire webcap
Cortinarius turgidus swollen webcap
Cortinarius uliginosus marsh webcap
Cortinarius ultrodistortus almondspored webcap
Cortinarius umbrinolens umber webcap
Cortinarius urbicus urban webcap
Cortinarius valgus bowed webcap
Cortinarius variegatus variegated webcap
Cortinarius variicolor contrary webcap
Cortinarius variiformis varied webcap
Cortinarius velenovskyanus resinous webcap
Cortinarius venetus fluorescent webcap
Cortinarius venustus charming webcap
Cortinarius vernus spring webcap
Cortinarius vesterholtii vibrant webcap
Cortinarius vibratilis quivering webcap
Cortinarius violaceofuscus dark violet webcap
Cortinarius violaceonitens lustrous webcap
Cortinarius violaceovelatus violet veiled webcap
Cortinarius violaceus violet webcap
Cortinarius violilamellatus aromatic webcap
Cortinarius vulpinus foxy webcap
Cortinarius xanthochlorus sooty webcap
Cortinarius xantho-ochraceus yellowochre webcap
Cortinarius xanthophyllus yellow gilled webcap
Cortinarius zosteroides shingles webcap
Cotylidia pannosa woolly rosette
Cotylidia undulata stalked rosette
Craterellus cinereus ashen chanterelle
Craterellus cornucopioides horn of plenty
Craterellus lutescens golden chanterelle
Craterellus melanoxeros blackening chanterelle
Craterellus sinuosus sinuous chanterelle
Crepidotus applanatus flat oysterling
Crepidotus autochthonus grounded oysterling
Crepidotus calolepsis scaly oysterling
Crepidotus caspari pale oysterling
Crepidotus cesatii roundspored oysterling
Crepidotus cinnabarinus cinnabar oysterling
Crepidotus cristatus crested oysterling
Crepidotus crocophyllus saffron oysterling
Crepidotus epibryus grass oysterling
Crepidotus luteolus yellowing oysterling
Crepidotus mollis peeling oysterling
Crepidotus variabilis variable oysterling
Crinipellis scabella hairy parachute
Cristinia eichleri dentists bane
Cristulariella depraedans sycamore leafspot
Crucibulum laeve common bird's nest
Cryphonectria parasitica chestnut yellowtail
Cryptomyces maximus willow blister
Cryptovalsa suaedicola seablight microdot
Cudonia circinans redleg jellybaby
Cudonia confusa cinnamon jellybaby
Cudoniella acicularis oak pin
Cudoniella clavus spring pin
Cumminsiella mirabilissima mahonia rust
Cyathus olla field bird's nest
Cyathus stercoreus dung bird's nest
Cyathus striatus fluted bird's nest
Cylindrobasidium laeve tear dropper
Cystoderma amianthinum earthy powdercap
Cystoderma carcharias pearly powdercap
Cystoderma jasonis pine powdercap
Cystodermella cinnabarina cinnabar powdercap
Cystolepiota bucknallii lilac dapperling
Cystolepiota seminuda bearded dapperling
Cytidia salicina scarlet splash
Dacrymyces chrysospermus orange jelly spot
Dacrymyces ovisporus pine jelly spot
Dacrymyces stillatus common jelly spot
Dacryobolus sudans weeping toothcrust
Daedalea quercina oak mazegill
Daedaleopsis confragosa blushing bracket
Daldinia concentrica King Alfred's cakes / cramp balls
Datronia mollis common mazegill
Dencoeliopsis johnstonii birch cup
Dendrocollybia racemosa branched shanklet
Dendrothele acerina maple whitewash
Dermoloma cuneifolium crazed cap
Dermoloma magicum black magic
Dermoloma pseudocuneifolium dark crazed cap
Diatrype bullata willow barkspot
Diatrype disciformis beech barkspot
Diatrype stigma common tarcrust
Diatrypella favacea birch blackhead
Diatrypella quercina oak blackhead
Dicellomyces scirpi wood clubrush smut
Dichomitus campestris hazel porecrust
Disciotis venosa bleach cup
Doassansia limosellae mudwort smut
Dumontinia tuberosa anemone cup
Echinoderma perplexum warty dapperling
Eichleriella deglubens blushing crust
Elaphomyces asperulus roughened false truffle
Elaphomyces granulatus false truffle
Elaphomyces muricatus marbled false truffle
Emmia latemarginatus frothy porecrust
Encoelia fimbriata fringed cup
Encoelia furfuracea spring hazelcup
Entoloma aethiops black pinkgill
Entoloma aprile april pinkgill
Entoloma asprellum roughened pinkgill
Entoloma atrocoeruleum navy pinkgill
Entoloma bloxamii big blue pinkgill 
Entoloma byssisedum oysterling pinkgill
Entoloma caesiocinctum blue-girdled pinkgill
Entoloma callirhodon charmer
Entoloma catalaunicum bluefoot pinkgill
Entoloma cetratum honey pinkgill
Entoloma chalybaeum indigo pinkgill
Entoloma clypeatum shield pinkgill
Entoloma conferendum star pinkgill
Entoloma corvinum crow pinkgill
Entoloma cyaneoviridescens bluegreen pinkgill
Entoloma dichroum bicoloured pinkgill
Entoloma euchroum stump pinkgill
Entoloma excentricum excentric pinkgill
Entoloma exile glaucous pinkgil
Entoloma formosum pretty pinkgill
Entoloma griseocyaneum felted pinkgill
Entoloma hebes pimple pinkgill
Entoloma incanum mousepee pinkgill
Entoloma indutoides drab pinkgill
Entoloma jubatum sepia pinkgill
Entoloma kervernii ochre pinkgill
Entoloma madidum brightsky pinkgill
Entoloma nitidum pine pinkgill
Entoloma papillatum papillate pinkgill
Entoloma parasiticum parasitic pinkgill
Entoloma pleopodium aromatic pinkgill
Entoloma politum deceiving pinkgill
Entoloma porphyrophaeum lilac pinkgill
Entoloma prunuloides mealy pinkgill
Entoloma queletii flushed pinkgill
Entoloma rhodocylix least pinkgill
Entoloma rhodopolium wood pinkgill
Entoloma roseum rosy pinkgill
Entoloma scabiosum roughtop pinkgill 
Entoloma sericellum cream pinkgill
Entoloma sericeum silky pinkgill
Entoloma serrulatum blue edge pinkgill
Entoloma sinuatum livid pinkgill
Entoloma tjallingiorum hairy pinkgill
Entoloma turbidum yellowfoot pinkgill
Entoloma undatum zoned pinkgill
Entyloma chrysosplenii saxifrage smut
Entyloma eryngii sea holly smut
Entyloma henningsianum brookweed smut
Entyloma ossifragi bog asphodel smut
Eocronartium muscicola moss rust
Epichloë coenophiala choke
Episclerotium sclerotipus burning beacon
Erastia salmonicolor salmon bracket
Erysiphe adunca willow mildew
Erysiphe alphitoides oak mildew
Erysiphe euonymicola spindletree mildew
Erysiphe heraclei umbellifer mildew
Erysiphe trifolii legume mildew
Eutypa spinosa spiral tarcrust
Exidia glandulosa witches' butter
Exidia nigricans warlock's butter
Exidia nucleata crystal brain
Exidia recisa amber jelly
Exidia repanda birch jelly
Exidia saccharina pine jelly
Exidia thuretiana white brain
Exidiopsis effusa hair ice crust
Exobasidium arescens blaeberry blister
Exobasidium expansum northern bilberry redleaf
Exobasidium juelianum dwarfing redleaf
Exobasidium myrtilli blaeberry redleaf
Exobasidium sydowianum bearberry redleaf
Exobasidium uvae-ursi bearberry redstem
Exobasidium vaccinii cowberry redleaf
Faerberia carbonaria firesite funnel
Favolaschia calocera orange porecap
Fayodia bisphaerigera slender navel
Fistulina hepatica beefsteak fungus
Flammulaster carpophilus leaf spark
Flammulina velutipes velvet shank
Flaviporus brownei yellowpored bracket
Fomes fomentarius hoof fungus / tinder bracket
Fomitiporia hippophaicola sea buckthorn bracket
Fomitiporia punctata elbowpatch crust
Fomitopsis betulina birch polypore / razorstrop fungus
Fomitopsis pinicola red-belted bracket
Fuscoporia ferrea cinnamon porecrust
Fuscoporia ferruginosa rusty porecrust
Fuscoporia torulosa tufted bracket
Galerina atkinsoniana hairy bell
Galerina calyptrata veiled bell
Galerina clavata ribbed bell
Galerina graminea turf bell
Galerina harrisonii snowbed bell
Galerina hypnorum moss bell
Galerina marginata funeral bell
Galerina paludosa bog bell
Galerina pseudomniophila cinnamon bell
Galerina pumila dwarf bell
Galerina vittiformis hairy leg bell
Gamundia striatula lined meadowcap
Ganoderma applanatum artist's bracket
Ganoderma australe southern bracket
Ganoderma lucidum lacquered bracket
Ganoderma pfeifferi beeswax bracket
Geastrum berkeleyi Berkeley's earthstar
Geastrum britannicum vaulted earthstar
Geastrum campestre field earthstar
Geastrum corollinum weathered earthstar
Geastrum coronatum crowned earthstar
Geastrum elegans elegant earthstar
Geastrum fimbriatum sessile earthstar
Geastrum fornicatum arched earthstar
Geastrum lageniforme flask earthstar
Geastrum marginatum tiny earthstar
Geastrum quadrifidum rayed earthstar
Geastrum rufescens rufous earthstar
Geastrum schmidelii dwarf earthstar
Geastrum striatum striate earthstar
Geastrum triplex collared earthstar
Geoglossum atropurpureum dark-purple earthtongue
Geoglossum fallax deceptive earthtongue
Geoglossum peckianum slimy earthtongue
Geoglossum starbaeckii star earthtongue
Geoglossum uliginosum viscid earthtongue
Geoglossum umbratile plain earthtongue
Geopora arenosa mountain cup
Geopora sumneriana cedar cup
Geopyxis carbonaria stalked bonfire cup
Gloeophyllum odoratum anise mazegill
Gloeophyllum sepiarium conifer mazegill
Gloeophyllum trabeum timber mazegill
Gloeoporus dichrous bicoloured bracket
Glutinoglossum glutinosum glutinous earthtongue
Golovinomyces depressus burdock mildew
Golovinomyces sordidus plantain mildew
Gomphidius glutinosus slimy spike
Gomphidius maculatus larch spike
Gomphidius roseus rosy spike
Gomphus clavatus pig's ear
Grifola frondosa hen of the woods
Guepinia helvelloides salmon salad
Gymnopilus dilepis magenta rustgill
Gymnopilus junonius spectacular rustgill
Gymnopilus penetrans common rustgill
Gymnopilus sapineus scaly rustgill
Gymnopus acervatus conifer toughshank
Gymnopus alpinus alpine toughshank
Gymnopus androsaceus horsehair parachute
Gymnopus aquosus watery toughshank
Gymnopus brassicolens cabbage parachute
Gymnopus confluens clustered toughshank
Gymnopus dryophilus russet toughshank
Gymnopus erythropus redleg toughshank
Gymnopus foetidus foetid parachute
Gymnopus fusipes spindle toughshank
Gymnopus ocior spring toughshank
Gymnopus perforans stinking parachute
Gymnopus peronatus wood woollyfoot
Gymnopus putillus pine toughshank
Gymnopus quercophilus oak toughshank
Gymnopus terginus hairy toughshank
Gymnosporangium clavariiforme tongues of fire
Gymnosporangium cornutum rowan crown
Gyrodon lividus alder bolete
Gyromitra ambigua changeable false morel
Gyromitra esculenta false morel
Gyromitra infula pouched false morel
Gyromitra leucoxantha fishtail cup
Gyroporus castaneus chestnut bolete
Gyroporus cyanescens cornflower bolete
Haasiella venustissima orange navel
Hapalopilus nidulans cinnamon bracket
Haradaea duriaeana chickweed seedsmut
Hastodontia hastata pikeman
Hebeloma crustuliniforme poisonpie
Hebeloma hiemale winter poisonpie
Hebeloma leucosarx pale poisonpie
Hebeloma mesophaeum veiled poisonpie
Hebeloma pusillum dwarf poisonpie
Hebeloma radicosum rooting poisonpie
Hebeloma sacchariolens sweet poisonpie
Hebeloma sinapizans bitter poisonpie
Hebeloma vaccinum willow poisonpie
Helvella acetabulum vinegar cup
Helvella crispa white saddle
Helvella elastica elastic saddle
Helvella lacunosa elfin saddle
Helvella latispora pale saddle
Helvella leucomelaena sooty cup
Helvella leucopus palefoot saddle
Helvella macropus felt saddle
Hemileucoglossum elongatum elongate earthtongue
Hemimycena lactea milky bonnet
Hemimycena mairei fanvault bonnet
Hemimycena tortuosa dewdrop bonnet
Henningsomyces candidus white tubelet
Hericium cirrhatum tiered tooth 
Hericium coralloides coral tooth 
Hericium erinaceus bearded tooth 
Heterobasidion annosum root rot
Hodophilus atropuncta dotted fanvault
Hodophilus foetens stinking fanvault
Hodophilus hymenocephala dark fanvault
Hodophilus micacea yellowlegged fanvault
Hohenbuehelia auriscalpium spatula oyster
Hohenbuehelia bonii dune oyster
Hohenbuehelia culmicola marram oyster
Hohenbuehelia mastrucata woolly oyster
Humaria hemisphaerica glazed cup
Hyalopsora adianti-capilli-veneris maidenhair rust
Hyalopsora aspidiotus oak fern rust
Hydenllum  scabrosum greenfoot tooth
Hydnellum aurantiacum orange tooth
Hydnellum caeruleum blue tooth
Hydnellum concrescens zoned tooth
Hydnellum cumulatum rosette tooth
Hydnellum ferrugineum mealy tooth
Hydnellum gracilipes graceful tooth
Hydnellum joeides violet tooth
Hydnellum peckii devil's tooth
Hydnellum scrobiculatum ridged tooth
Hydnellum spongiosipes velvet tooth
Hydnotrya cerebriformis brain fold truffle
Hydnotrya confusa confusing fold truffle
Hydnotrya cubispora cubed fold truffle
Hydnotrya michaelis Michael's fold truffle
Hydnotrya tulasnei red fold truffle
Hydnum ellipsosporum ellipsoid hedgehog
Hydnum repandum wood hedgehog
Hydnum rufescens terracotta hedgehog
Hydnum umbilicatum umbilicate hedgehog
Hygrocybe acutoconica persistent waxcap
Hygrocybe aurantiosplendens orange waxcap
Hygrocybe calciphila limestone waxcap
Hygrocybe cantharellus goblet waxcap
Hygrocybe ceracea butter waxcap
Hygrocybe chlorophana golden waxcap
Hygrocybe citrinovirens citrine waxcap
Hygrocybe coccinea scarlet waxcap
Hygrocybe coccineocrenata bog waxcap
Hygrocybe conica blackening waxcap
Hygrocybe conicoides dune waxcap
Hygrocybe constrictospora hourglass waxcap
Hygrocybe glutinipes glutinous waxcap
Hygrocybe helobia garlic waxcap
Hygrocybe insipida spangle waxcap
Hygrocybe intermedia fibrous waxcap
Hygrocybe miniata vermilion waxcap
Hygrocybe mucronella bitter waxcap
Hygrocybe phaeococcinea shadowed waxcap
Hygrocybe punicea crimson waxcap
Hygrocybe quieta oily waxcap
Hygrocybe reidii honey waxcap
Hygrocybe salicis-herbaceae mountain waxcap
Hygrocybe spadicea date waxcap 
Hygrocybe splendidissima splendid waxcap
Hygrocybe subpapillata papillate waxcap
Hygrocybe substrangulata waisted waxcap
Hygrocybe turunda singed waxcap
Hygrocybe: Chromosera citrinopallida arched waxcap
Hygrocybe: Chromosera lilacina lilac waxcap
Hygrocybe: Chromosera viola amethyst waxcap
Hygrocybe: Chromosera xanthochroa alpine waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus aurantius tufted waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus canescens felted waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus colemannianus toasted waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus flavipes yellow foot waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus fornicatus earthy waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus lacmus grey waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus lepidopus scalyfoot waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus pratensis meadow waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus radiatus slender waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus russocoriaceus cedarwood waxcap
Hygrocybe: Cuphophyllus virgineus snowy waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gliophorus europerplexus butterscotch waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gliophorus europerplexus butterscotch waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gliophorus irrigatus slimy waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gliophorus laetus heath waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gliophorus psittacinus parrot waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gliophorus reginae jubilee waxcap
Hygrocybe: Gloioxanthomyces vitellinus glistening waxcap
Hygrocybe: Neohygrocybe ingrata dingy waxcap
Hygrocybe: Neohygrocybe nitrata nitrous waxcap
Hygrocybe: Neohygrocybe ovina blushing waxcap
Hygrocybe: Porpolomopsis calyptriformis pink waxcap 
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca false chanterelle
Hygrophorus agathosmus almond woodwax
Hygrophorus arbustivus forest woodwax
Hygrophorus camarophyllus arched woodwax
Hygrophorus chrysodon gold flecked woodwax
Hygrophorus discoxanthus yellowing woodwax
Hygrophorus eburneus ivory woodwax
Hygrophorus erubescens blotched woodwax
Hygrophorus hedrychii sweet woodwax
Hygrophorus hypothejus herald of winter
Hygrophorus lucorum larch woodwax
Hygrophorus mesotephrus ashen woodwax
Hygrophorus nemoreus oak woodwax
Hygrophorus penarius matt woodwax
Hygrophorus pudorinus rosy woodwax
Hygrophorus pustulatus blistered woodwax
Hygrophorus russula pinkmottle woodwax
Hygrophorus unicolor twotone woodwax
Hymenochaete corrugata glue crust
Hymenochaete rubiginosa oak curtain crust
Hymenochaete tabacina willow glue
Hymenopellis radicata rooting shank
Hymenoscyphus fagineus mast disco
Hymenoscyphus fructigenus nut disco
Hypholoma capnoides conifer tuft
Hypholoma elongatum sphagnum brownie
Hypholoma fasciculare sulphur tuft
Hypholoma lateritium brick tuft
Hypholoma marginatum snakeskin brownie
Hypholoma myosotis olive brownie
Hypholoma radicosum rooting brownie
Hypholoma udum peat brownie
Hypocreopsis lichenoides willow gloves
Hypocreopsis rhododendri hazel gloves
Hypomyces aurantius orange polypore mould
Hypomyces cervinus saddle's child 
Hypomyces chrysospermus bolete mould
Hypomyces lateritius ochre gillgobbler
Hypomyces rosellus pink polypore mould
Hypomyces viridis green gillgobbler
Hypoxylon fragiforme beech woodwart
Hypoxylon fuscum hazel woodwart
Hypoxylon rubiginosum rusty woodwart
Hypsizygus ulmarius elm leech
Ileodictyon cibarium basket fungus
Infundibulicybe geotropa trooping funnel
Infundibulicybe gibba common funnel
Infundibulicybe glareosa gravel funnel
Inocybe acuta acute fibrecap
Inocybe arenicola sand fibrecap
Inocybe asterospora star fibrecap
Inocybe bongardii fruity fibrecap
Inocybe calamistrata greenfoot fibrecap
Inocybe cincinnata collared fibrecap
Inocybe cookei straw fibrecap
Inocybe corydalina greenflush fibrecap
Inocybe dulcamara bittersweet fibrecap
Inocybe dunensis dune fibrecap
Inocybe duriuscula silky fibrecap
Inocybe erubescens deadly fibrecap
Inocybe flocculosa fleecy fibrecap
Inocybe fraudans pear fibrecap
Inocybe fuscidula darkish fibrecap
Inocybe geophylla white fibrecap
Inocybe grammata flushed fibrecap
Inocybe griseolilacina lilac leg fibrecap
Inocybe hirtella bitter almond fibrecap
Inocybe hystrix scaly fibrecap
Inocybe incarnata balsamic fibrecap
Inocybe jacobi pineling fibrecap
Inocybe lacera torn fibrecap
Inocybe lanuginosa floccose fibrecap
Inocybe leptophylla shorn fibrecap
Inocybe lilacina lilac fibrecap
Inocybe maculata frosty fibrecap
Inocybe napipes bulbous fibrecap
Inocybe petiginosa scurfy fibrecap
Inocybe pusio laddie's fibrecap
Inocybe rimosa split fibrecap
Inocybe sindonia beige fibrecap
Inocybe soluta pine fibrecap
Inocybe stellatospora woolly fibrecap
Inocybe subcarpta umber fibrecap
Inocybe vulpinella foxy fibrecap
Inocybe whitei blushing fibrecap
Inonotus cuticularis clustered bracket
Inonotus hispidus shaggy bracket
Inonotus obliquus chaga
Irpicodon pendulus pendent bracket
Ischnoderma benzoinum benzoin bracket
Jackrogersella multiformis birch woodwart
Jamesdicksonia irregularis annual meadow grass smut
Kretzschmaria deusta brittle cinder
Kuehneola uredinis pale bramble rust
Kuehneromyces lignicola conifer woodtuft
Kuehneromyces mutabilis sheathed woodtuft
Laccaria amethystina amethyst deceiver
Laccaria bicolor bicoloured deceiver
Laccaria fraterna gumtree deceiver
Laccaria laccata deceiver
Laccaria maritima sand deceiver
Laccaria montana mountain deceiver
Laccaria proxima scurfy deceiver
Laccaria pumila willow deceiver
Laccaria tortilis twisted deceiver
Lachnellula occidentalis larch disco
Lachnellula subtilissima conifer disco
Lachnellula willkommii larch canker disco
Lachnum apalum rush disco
Lachnum callimorphum heath sedge disco
Lachnum sulphureum yellow mascara disco
Lachnum virgineum snowy disco
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda weeping widow
Lactarius acerrimus two spored milkcap
Lactarius acris raspberry milkcap
Lactarius aspideus willow milkcap
Lactarius aurantiacus orange milkcap
Lactarius bertillonii burning milkcap
Lactarius blennius beech milkcap
Lactarius camphoratus curry milkcap
Lactarius chrysorrheus yellowdrop milkcap
Lactarius circellatus ringed milkcap
Lactarius controversus blushing milkcap
Lactarius cyathuliformis goblet milkcap
Lactarius deliciosus saffron milkcap
Lactarius deterrimus false saffron milkcap
Lactarius evosmus fruity milkcap
Lactarius flexuosus stumpy milkcap
Lactarius fluens nimbus milkcap
Lactarius fuliginosus sooty milkcap
Lactarius fulvissimus tawny milkcap
Lactarius glyciosmus coconut milkcap
Lactarius helvus fenugreek milkcap
Lactarius hepaticus liver milkcap
Lactarius hysginus dyed milkcap
Lactarius lilacinus lilac milkcap
Lactarius luridus lurid milkcap
Lactarius mairei whiskery milkcap
Lactarius mammosus pap milkcap
Lactarius musteus pine milkcap
Lactarius obscuratus alder milkcap
Lactarius omphaliformis cracking milkcap
Lactarius pallidus pale milkcap
Lactarius piperatus peppery milkcap
Lactarius porninsis larch milkcap
Lactarius pubescens bearded milkcap
Lactarius pyrogalus fiery milkcap
Lactarius quieticolor carrot milkcap
Lactarius quietus oakbug milkcap
Lactarius repraesentaneus yellow bearded milkcap
Lactarius resimus rollrim milkcap
Lactarius rufus rufous milkcap
Lactarius salicis-reticulatae mountain milkcap
Lactarius sanguifluus bloody milkcap
Lactarius scoticus hoary milkcp
Lactarius scrobiculatus spotted milkcap
Lactarius serifluus watery milkcap
Lactarius spinosulus lilacscale milkcap
Lactarius subdulcis mild milkcap
Lactarius tabidus birch milkcap
Lactarius torminosus woolly milkcap
Lactarius trivialis tacked milkcap
Lactarius turpis ugly milkcap
Lactarius uvidus shiner
Lactarius vellereus fleecy milkcap
Lactarius vietus grey milkcap
Lactarius violascens violet milkcap
Lactarius volemus fishy milkcap
Laetinaevia luzulae woodrush disco
Laetiporus sulphureus chicken of the woods
Lanzia echinophila hairy nuts disco 
Lasiobotrys lonicerae honeysuckle rash
Lasiosphaeria ovina woolly woodwart
Leccinum albostipitatum aspen bolete
Leccinum aurantiacum orange bolete
Leccinum crocipodium saffron bolete
Leccinum cyaneobasileucum greyshank bolete
Leccinum duriusculum slate bolete
Leccinum holopus ghost bolete
Leccinum pseudoscabrum hazel bolete
Leccinum scabrum brown birch bolete
Leccinum schistophilum bog bolete
Leccinum variicolor mottled bolete
Leccinum versipelle orange birch bolete
Leccinum vulpinum foxy bolete
Lentinellus cochleatus aniseed cockleshell
Lentinus tigrinus tiger sawgill
Leotia lubrica jellybaby
Lepiota aspera freckled dapperling
Lepiota boudieri girdled dapperling
Lepiota brunneoincarnata deadly dapperling
Lepiota brunneolilacea star dapperling
Lepiota castanea chestnut dapperling
Lepiota clypeolaria shield dapperling
Lepiota cristata stinking dapperling
Lepiota erminea dune dapperling
Lepiota felina cat dapperling
Lepiota fuscovinacea dark dapperling
Lepiota grangei green dapperling
Lepiota magnispora yellowfoot dapplerling
Lepiota subincarnata fatal dapperling
Lepista irina flowery blewits
Lepista nuda wood blewits
Lepista panaeolus spotted blewits
Lepista saeva field blewits
Lepista sordida sordid blewits
Leptomitus lacteus sewage fungus
Leptoporus mollis soft bracket
Leptosphaeria acuta nettle rash
Leratiomyces ceres redlead roundhead
Leratiomyces squamosus var. thraustus slender roundhead
Leucoagaricus badhamii blushing dapperling
Leucoagaricus barssii smoky dapperling
Leucoagaricus leucothites white dapperling
Leucoagaricus sublittoralis apricot dapperling
Leucocoprinus birnbaumii plantpot dapperling
Leucocoprinus brebissonii skullcap dapperling
Leucocortinarius bulbiger white webcap
Leucocybe candicans white funnel
Leucocybe connata white domecap
Leucopaxillus gentianeus bitter funnel
Leucopaxillus giganteus giant funnel
Lichenomphalia alpina sunburst lichen
Lichenomphalia umbellifera heath navel
Limacella guttata weeping slimecap
Limacella illinita dripping slimecap
Limacella ochraceolutea ochre slimecap
Lophodermium hedericola ivy leaf split
Lophodermium juniperinum juniper split
Lophodermium neesii holly leaf split
Lophodermium pinastri pine needle split
Loreleia marchantiae liverwort navel
Lycoperdon caudatum pedicel puffball
Lycoperdon decipiens steppe puffball
Lycoperdon echinatum spiny puffball
Lycoperdon ericaeum heath puffball
Lycoperdon excipuliforme pestle puffball
Lycoperdon lividum grassland puffball
Lycoperdon mammiforme flaky puffball
Lycoperdon molle soft puffball
Lycoperdon nigrescens dusky puffball
Lycoperdon perlatum common puffball
Lycoperdon pratense meadow puffball
Lycoperdon radicatum rooting puffball
Lycoperdon umbrinum umber puffball
Lycoperdon utriforme mosaic puffball
Lyophyllum decastes clustered domecap
Lyophyllum eustygium ethereal domecap
Lyophyllum loricatum gristly domecap
Macrocystidia cucumis cucumber cap
Macrolepiota fuliginosa sooty parasol
Macrolepiota mastoidea slender parasol
Macrolepiota procera parasol
Macrotyphula fistulosa var. contorta contorted pipe club
Macrotyphula fistulosa var. fistulosa pipe club
Macrotyphula juncea slender club
Marasmiellus ramealis twig parachute
Marasmiellus vaillantii goblet parachute
Marasmius buxi box parachute
Marasmius cohaerens bristled parachute
Marasmius curreyi grass parachute
Marasmius epiphylloides ivy parachute
Marasmius epiphyllus leaf parachute
Marasmius hudsonii holly parachute
Marasmius limosus reed parachute
Marasmius oreades fairy ring champignon
Marasmius rotula collared parachute
Marasmius saccharinus beech parachute
Marasmius setosus hairy stem parachute
Marasmius wynnei pearly parachute
Megacollybia platyphylla whitelaced shank
Melampsora hypericorum tutsan rust
Melampsora populnea dog's mercury rust
Melampsora vernalis saxifrage rust
Melampsoridium betulinum birch rust
Melanoleuca brevipes stunted cavalier
Melanoleuca cinereifolia dune cavalier
Melanoleuca cognata spring cavalier
Melanoleuca exscissa smoky cavalier
Melanoleuca grammopodia grooved cavalier
Melanoleuca melaleuca bald knight
Melanoleuca polioleuca common cavalier
Melanoleuca schumacheri clouded  cavalier
Melanoleuca verrucipes warty cavalier
Melanophyllum eyrei greenspored dapperling
Melanophyllum haematospermum redspored dapperling
Melanotaenium cingens yellow toadflax smut
Melanotaenium endogenum bedstraw smut
Melanotus horizontalis wood oysterling
Melastiza contorta contorted cup
Melastiza cornubiensis orange cup
Melastiza scotica caledonian cup
Mensularia radiata alder bracket
Meottomyces dissimulans winter brownie
Meripilus giganteus giant polypore
Merismodes fasciculata crowded cuplet
Metacoleroa dickiei twinflower rust
Metarhizium marquandii waxcap facepainter
Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae campion anther smut
Microglossum olivaceum olive earthtongue
Microglossum viride green earthtongue
Micropodia pteridina bracken swarmer
Microstoma protractum rosy goblet
Milesina carpatorum male fern rust
Milesina vogesiaca smooth spored fern rust
Milesina whitei shield-fern rust
Mitrula paludosa bog beacon
Mollisia cinerea common grey disco
Monilinia johnsonii haw goblet
Morchella elata black morel
Morchella esculenta morel
Morchella semilibera semifree morel
Mucidula mucida porcelain fungus
Mucor mucedo common pinmould
Mucronella calva swarming spine
Multiclavula vernalis moss club
Muscinupta laevis moss wife
Mutinus caninus dog stinkhorn
Mycena acicula orange bonnet
Mycena aciculata hairy bonnet
Mycena adonis scarlet bonnet
Mycena adscendens frosty bonnet
Mycena aetites drab bonnet
Mycena amicta coldfoot bonnet
Mycena arcangeliana angel's bonnet
Mycena aurantiomarginata golden edge bonnet
Mycena belliae reed bonnet
Mycena bulbosa rush bonnet
Mycena capillaripes pinkedge bonnet
Mycena capillaris beechleaf bonnet
Mycena cinerella mealy bonnet
Mycena citrinomarginata yellowedged bonnet
Mycena clavicularis needle bonnet
Mycena concolor bog bonnet
Mycena crocata saffrondrop bonnet
Mycena epipterygia yellowleg bonnet
Mycena filopes iodine bonnet
Mycena flavoalba ivory bonnet
Mycena galericulata common bonnet
Mycena galopus var. candida white milking bonnet
Mycena galopus var. galopus milking bonnet
Mycena galopus var. nigra black milking bonnet
Mycena haematopus burgundydrop bonnet
Mycena hiemalis winter bonnet
Mycena inclinata clustered bonnet
Mycena latifolia sideshoot bonnet
Mycena leptocephala nitrous bonnet
Mycena maculata stained bonnet
Mycena megaspora rooting bonnet
Mycena melligena mauve bonnet
Mycena olida rancid bonnet
Mycena olivaceomarginata brownedge bonnet
Mycena pelianthina blackedge bonnet
Mycena picta cryptic bonnet
Mycena polyadepha white oakleaf bonnet
Mycena polygramma grooved bonnet
Mycena pseudocorticola steely bonnet
Mycena pterigena ferny bonnet
Mycena pura lilac bonnet
Mycena purpureofusca purple edge bonnet
Mycena renati beautiful bonnet
Mycena rosea rosy bonnet
Mycena rosella pink bonnet
Mycena rubromarginata red edge bonnet
Mycena sanguinolenta bleeding bonnet
Mycena septentrionalis pelargonium bonnet
Mycena silvae-nigrae pine bonnet
Mycena smithiana pink oakleaf bonnet
Mycena speirea bark bonnet
Mycena stipata clustered pine bonnet
Mycena stylobates bulbous bonnet
Mycena urania violet bonnet
Mycena viridimarginata olive edge bonnet
Mycena vitilis snapping bonnet
Mycena vulgaris vulgar bonnet
Mycenella salicina willow bonnet
Mycetinis alliaceus garlic parachute
Mycetinis scorodonius vampires bane
Mycocalia duriaeana dune cannon
Mycocalia sphagneti bog cannon
Mycosymbiosis mycenophila bubble fungus
Myriostoma coliforme pepper pot
Naucoria escharioides ochre aldercap
Naucoria salicis willow aldercap
Naucoria scolecina cinnamon aldercap
Naucoria striatula striate aldercap
Naucoria subconspersa scurfy aldercap
Nectria cinnabarina coral spot
Neobulgaria pura beech jellydisc
Neoerysiphe galeopsidis mint mildew
Neolentinus adhaerens sticky sawgill
Neolentinus lepideus scaly sawgill
Nyssopsora echinata spignel rust
Octaviania asterosperma chalky false truffle
Octospora humosa hotlips
Odonticium romellii pine toothling
Ombrophila janthina violet jellydisc
Omphaliaster borealis northern navel
Omphalina galericolor dune navel
Omphalina mutila bog navel
Omphalina pyxidata cinnamon navel
Omphalotus illudens Jack o lantern
Onygena corvina feather stalkball
Onygena equina horn stalkball
Ophiocordyceps clavulata bug sputnik
Ophiocordyceps forquignonii yellow waspclub
Ophiostoma ulmi Dutch elm disease+C1085
Orbilia xanthostigma common glasscup
Ossicaulis lignatilis mealy oyster
Otidea alutacea tan ear
Otidea apophysata big ears
Otidea bufonia toad's ear
Otidea cantharella cupped ear
Otidea cochleata brown ear
Otidea onotica hare's ear
Otidea phlebophora veined ear
Oxyporus populinus poplar bracket
Pachyella violaceonigra midnight disco
Panaeolina foenisecii brown mottlegill
Panaeolus acuminatus dewdrop mottlegill
Panaeolus cinctulus banded mottlegill
Panaeolus fimicola turf mottlegill
Panaeolus papilionaceus petticoat mottlegill
Panaeolus semiovatus egghead mottlegill
Panellus mitis elastic oysterling
Panellus ringens winter oysterling
Panellus stipticus bitter oysterling
Panus conchatus lilac oysterling
Paralepista flaccida tawny funnel
Parasola auricoma goldenhaired inkcap
Parasola auricoma goldenhaired inkcap
Parasola leiocephala bald inkcap
Parasola lilatincta lilac inkcap
Parasola misera least inkcap
Parasola plicatilis pleated inkcap
Paraxerula caussei hoary rooting shank
Parvulago marina spike rush smut
Paurocotylis pila scarlet berry truffle
Paxillus involutus brown rollrim
Paxillus rubicundulus alder rollrim
Penicillium brevicompactum rollrim mould
Peniophora incarnata rosy crust
Peniophora laeta hornbeam crust
Peniophora lycii ashen crust
Peniophora pini pine crust
Peniophora quercina oak crust
Perrotia distincta reed disco
Perrotia flammea wood spark
Peziza ammophila dune cup
Peziza badia bay cup
Peziza cerea cellar cup
Peziza echinospora charcoal cup
Peziza gerardii mull disco
Peziza micropus pedicel cup
Peziza proteana bonfire cauliflower
Peziza repanda palamino cup
Peziza saccardoana pouch cup
Peziza succosa yellowing cup
Peziza vacini bonfire disco
Peziza varia layered cup
Peziza vesiculosa blistered cup
Phaeocollybia lugubris russet rootshank
Phaeolepiota aurea golden bootleg
Phaeolus schweinitzii dyer's mazegill
Phaeomarasmius erinaceus hedgehog scalycap
Phallus duplicatus flasher
Phallus hadriani sand stinkhorn
Phallus impudicus stinkhorn
Phellinus igniarius willow bracket
Phellinus laevigatus smooth bristle bracket
Phellinus lundellii birch bristle bracket
Phellinus pomaceus cushion bracket
Phellinus tremulae aspen bracket
Phellodon confluens fused tooth
Phellodon melaleucus grey tooth
Phellodon niger black tooth
Phellodon tomentosus woolly tooth
Phlebia radiata wrinkled crust
Phlebia tremellosa jelly rot
Phlebiella vaga yellow cobweb
Phleogena faginea fenugreek stalkball
Pholiota alnicola alder scalycap
Pholiota astragalina conifer scalycap
Pholiota aurivella golden scalycap
Pholiota flammans flaming scalycap
Pholiota gummosa sticky scalycap
Pholiota highlandensis bonfire scalycap
Pholiota scamba crooked scalycap 
Pholiota squarrosa shaggy scalycap
Pholiota subochracea ochre scalycap
Phoma violacea paint measles
Phragmidium acuminatum stone bramble rust
Phragmidium violaceum violet bramble rust
Phylloporus pelletieri golden gilled bolete
Phyllotopsis nidulans orange mock oyster
Physisporinus sanguinolentus bleeding porecrust
Phytophthora infestans potato blight
Pilobolus crystallinus dung cannon
Pisolithus arhizus dyeball
Pithya cupressina juniper disco
Pithya vulgaris fir disco
Plectania melastoma corona cup
Pleuroceras pseudoplatani sycamore leaf blotch
Pleurocybella porrigens angel's wings
Pleurotus cornucopiae branching oyster
Pleurotus dryinus veiled oyster
Pleurotus ostreatus oyster mushroom
Pleurotus pulmonarius pale oyster
Plicariella radula toothed disco
Plicatura crispa crimped gill
Pluteus atromarginatus blackedged shield
Pluteus cervinus deer shield
Pluteus chrysophaeus yellow shield
Pluteus cinereofuscus ashen shield
Pluteus ephebeus sooty shield
Pluteus hispidulus fleecy shield
Pluteus leoninus lion shield
Pluteus nanus dwarf shield
Pluteus pellitus ghost shield
Pluteus petasatus scaly shield
Pluteus phlebophorus wrinkled shield
Pluteus plautus satin shield
Pluteus pouzarianus conifer shield
Pluteus romellii goldleaf shield
Pluteus salicinus willow shield
Pluteus thomsonii veined shield
Pluteus umbrosus velvet shield
Podoscypha multizonata zoned rosette 
Podosphaera pannosa rose mildew
Podosphaera tridactyla plum mildew
Podosphaera volkartii mountain avens mildew
Polydesmia pruinosa tarcrust speckle
Polyporus badius bay polypore
Polyporus brumalis winter polypore
Polyporus ciliatus fringed polypore
Polyporus leptocephalus blackfoot polypore
Polyporus squamosus dryad's saddle
Polyporus tuberaster tuberous polypore
Polyporus umbellatus umbrella polypore
Polystigma fulvum bird cherry dotty
Polystigma rubrum blackthorn dotty
Porodaedalea pini pine bracket
Poronia erici dung button
Poronia punctata nail fungus
Porphyrellus porphyrosporus dusky bolete
Porpoloma metapodium mealy meadowcap
Porpoloma spinulosum aromatic meadowcap
Postia caesia conifer blueing bracket
Postia placenta pink pancake crust
Postia ptychogaster powderpuff bracket
Postia stiptica bitter bracket
Postia subcaesia blueing bracket
Postia tephroleuca greyling bracket
Psathyrella ammophila dune brittlestem
Psathyrella artemisiae petticoat brittlestem
Psathyrella candolleana pale brittlestem
Psathyrella caput-medusae medusa brittlestem
Psathyrella conopilus conical brittlestem
Psathyrella coprophila dung brittlestem
Psathyrella corrugis red edge brittlestem
Psathyrella cotonea yellowfoot brittlestem
Psathyrella laevissima slender stump brittlestem
Psathyrella maculata spotted brittlestem
Psathyrella microrhiza rootlet brittlestem
Psathyrella multipedata clustered brittlestem
Psathyrella piluliformis common stump brittlestem
Psathyrella prona bent brittlestem
Psathyrella pygmaea pygmy brittlestem
Psathyrella solitaria solitary brittlestem
Psathyrella spadicea chestnut brittlestem
Psathyrella spadiceogrisea spring brittlestem
Pseudoboletus parasiticus parasitic bolete
Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis goblet
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum jelly tooth
Pseudoinonotus dryadeus oak bracket
Pseudomerulius aureus orange netcrust
Pseudoplectania nigrella ebony cup
Psilocybe cyanescens blueleg brownie
Psilocybe inquilina flecked brownie
Psilocybe montana mountain brownie
Psilocybe semilanceata magic mushroom / liberty cap
Pterula caricis-pendulae pendulous sedge club
Pterula debilis rush coral
Puccinia albulensis alpine veronica rust
Puccinia asparagi asparagus rust
Puccinia bulbocastani great pignut rust
Puccinia cicutae cowbane rust
Puccinia circaeae enchanters nightshade rust
Puccinia cladii great fen sedge rust
Puccinia clintonii lousewort rust
Puccinia cnici-oleracei melancholy thistle rust
Puccinia eriophori deer grass rust
Puccinia eutremae scurvy-grass rust
Puccinia glechomatis ground ivy rust
Puccinia hydrocotyles rusty pennies
Puccinia lagenophorae daisy rust
Puccinia libanotidis moon carrot rust
Puccinia longissima crested hair-grass rust
Puccinia malvacearum mallow rust
Puccinia mariana milk thistle rust
Puccinia menthae mint rust
Puccinia microsora bladder sedge rust
Puccinia moliniae purple moor grass rust
Puccinia nemoralis cow-wheat clustercup rust
Puccinia oxyriae mountain sorrel rust
Puccinia phragmitis reed rust
Puccinia physospermi bladder-seed rust
Puccinia polemonii Jacob's ladder rust+C1431
Puccinia pratensis meadow oat-grass rust
Puccinia punctiformis thistle rust
Puccinia ribis downy currant rust
Puccinia rugulosa hog's fennel rust
Puccinia scirpi common club rush rust
Puccinia scorzonerae scorzonera rust
Puccinia septentrionalis alpine rust
Puccinia sessilis arum rust
Puccinia smyrnii  Alexanders rust
Puccinia thesii bastard-toadflax rust
Puccinia thymi thyme rust
Puccinia urticata nettle clustercup rust
Puccinia vincae periwinkle rust
Pucciniastrum goodyerae creeping ladies tresses rust
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus cinnabar bracket
Pycnoporus sanguineus blood red bracket
Radulomyces molaris oak tooth crust
Ramaria abietina greening coral
Ramaria botrytis rosso coral
Ramaria broomei blackening coral
Ramaria decurrens ochre coral
Ramaria formosa salmon coral
Ramaria pallida pallid coral
Ramaria stricta upright coral
Ramaria suecica parading coral
Ramariopsis crocea orange coral
Ramariopsis kunzei ivory coral
Ramariopsis luteonana dwarf spindles
Ramariopsis pulchella lilac coral
Ramariopsis subtilis slender coral
Ramularia pratensis sorrel felt
Ramularia rubella dock felt
Ramularia succisae scabious felt
Resinicium bicolor hallowed crust
Resupinatus applicatus smoked oysterling
Resupinatus trichotis hairy oysterling
Rhizina undulata pine firefungus
Rhizopogon luteolus yellow false truffle
Rhizopogon roseolus blushing false truffle
Rhodocollybia butyracea butter cap
Rhodocollybia maculata spotted toughshank
Rhodocollybia prolixa toothed toughshank
Rhodocybe gemina tan pinkgill
Rhodofomes roseus rose bracket
Rhodotus palmatus wrinkled peach
Rhopographus filicinus bracken map
Rhytisma acerinum sycamore tarspot
Rhytisma salicinum willow tarspot
Rickenella fibula orange mosscap
Rickenella swartzii collared mosscap
Rigidoporus ulmarius giant elm bracket
Rimbachia arachnoidea spidery mossear
Rimbachia bryophila veined mossear
Ripartites tricholoma bearded seamine
Roridomyces roridus dripping bonnet
Rubinoboletus rubinus crimson bolete
Rugosomyces carneus pink domecap
Rugosomyces chrysenteron yellow domecap
Rugosomyces ionides violet domecap
Rugosomyces obscurissimus obscure domecap
Rugosomyces onychinus lilac domecap
Russula acetolens vinegar brittlegill
Russula acrifolia hotlips brittlegill
Russula adusta winecork brittlegill
Russula aeruginea green brittlegill
Russula albonigra menthol brittlegill
Russula amethystina amethyst brittlegill
Russula amoenolens camembert brittlegill
Russula anthracina coal brittlegill
Russula aquosa red swamp brittlegill
Russula atropurpurea purple brittlegill
Russula aurantiaca orange brittlegill
Russula aurea gilded brittlegill
Russula badia burning brittlegill
Russula betularum birch brittlegill
Russula caerulea humpback brittlegill
Russula cessans tardy brittlegill
Russula chloroides blue band brittlegill
Russula cicatricata ochre crab brittlegill
Russula claroflava yellow swamp brittlegill
Russula cremeoavellanea cream brittlegill
Russula cuprea gnarled brittlegill
Russula cyanoxantha charcoal burner
Russula decolorans copper brittlegill
Russula delica milk white brittlegill
Russula densifolia crowded brittlegill
Russula emetica sickener
Russula exalbicans bleached brittlegill
Russula farinipes floury brittlegill
Russula fellea geranium brittlegill
Russula felleicolor least brittlegill
Russula foetens stinking brittlegill
Russula font-queri beautiful brittlegill
Russula fragilis fragile brittlegill
Russula fusconigra dark brittlegill
Russula fuscorubroides spruce brittlegill
Russula gracillima slender brittlegill
Russula grata bitter almond brittlegill
Russula graveolens oldcrab brittlegill
Russula grisea false charcoal burner
Russula heterophylla greasy green brittlegill
Russula illota freckled brittlegill
Russula integra nutty brittlegill
Russula intermedia intermediate brittlegill
Russula ionochlora oilslick brittlegill
Russula laccata willow brittlegill
Russula lepida rosy brittlegill
Russula lilacea lilac brittlegill
Russula luteotacta yellowstaining brittlegill
Russula melitodes rosewood brittlegill
Russula melzeri scurfy brittlegill
Russula minutula minute brittlegill
Russula mustelina russet brittlegill
Russula nana alpine brittlegill
Russula nauseosa nauseous brittlegill
Russula nigricans blackening brittlegill
Russula nitida purple swamp brittlegill
Russula nobilis beechwood sickener
Russula ochroleuca ochre brittlegill
Russula olivacea olive brittlegill
Russula pallescens mountain brittlegill
Russula paludosa hintapink
Russula parazurea powdery brittlegill
Russula pascua pasture brittlegill
Russula pelargonia pelargonium brittlegill
Russula praetervisa bypassed brittlegill
Russula pseudointegra scarlet brittlegill
Russula pseudo-olivascens olivecrab brittlegill
Russula puellaris yellowing brittlegill
Russula queletii fruity brittlegill
Russula raoultii pallid brittlegill
Russula risigallina golden brittlegill
Russula rutila ruddy brittlegill
Russula sanguinaria bloody brittlegill
Russula sardonia primrose brittlegill
Russula scotica scottish brittlegill
Russula silvestris woodland brittlegill
Russula solaris sunny brittlegill
Russula sororia sepia brittlegill
Russula subfoetens least stinking brittlegill
Russula torulosa brawny brittlegill
Russula turci pirate brittlegill
Russula velenovskyi coral brittlegill
Russula velutipes dawn brittlegill
Russula versicolor variable brittlegill
Russula vesca the flirt
Russula vinosa darkening brittlegill
Russula vinosobrunnea naked brittlegill
Russula violeipes velvet brittlegill
Russula virescens greencracked brittlegill
Russula viscida viscid brittlegill
Russula xenochlora misfit brittlegill
Russula xerampelina crab brittlegill
Rutstroemia firma brown cup
Rutstroemia sydowiana oakleaf cup
Sabuloglossum arenarium sandy earthtongue
Sarcodon regalis crowned tooth
Sarcodon squamosus scaly tooth
Sarcodontia crocea orchard toothcrust
Sarcomyxa serotina olive oysterling
Sarcoscypha austriaca scarlet elfcup
Sarcoscypha coccinea ruby elfcup
Sarcosphaera coronaria violet crowncup
Sawadaea bicornis maple mildew
Schizonella cocconii glaucus sedge smut
Schizonella melanogramma rare spring sedge smut
Schizophyllum amplum poplar bells
Schizophyllum commune splitgill
Schizopora paradoxa split porecrust
Scleroderma areolatum leopard earthball
Scleroderma bovista potato earthball
Scleroderma citrinum common earthball
Scleroderma verrucosum scaly earthball
Scutellinia minor least eyelash
Scutellinia scutellata common eyelash
Scytinostroma portentosum mothball crust
Sebacina incrustans enveloping crust
Serpula lacrymans dry rot
Simocybe centunculus dingy twiglet
Simocybe sumptuosa velvet twiglet
Singerocybe phaeophthalma chicken run funnel
Sirococcus tsugae cedar speckle
Sistotrema confluens aromatic earthfan
Skeletocutis amorpha rusty crust
Skeletocutis nivea hazel bracket
Smardaea amethystina amethyst disco
Sowerbyella imperialis imperial rooting cup
Sowerbyella rhenana stalked orange peel fungus
Sparassis crispa wood cauliflower
Spathularia flavida yellow fan
Sphaerobolus stellatus shooting star
Spinellus fusiger bonnet mould
Spongipellis delectans spongy mazegill
Squamanita contortipes contorted strangler
Squamanita odorata fragrant strangler
Squamanita paradoxa powdercap strangler
Squamanita pearsonii strathy strangler
Stagnicola perplexa puzzling rootshank
Stephanospora caroticolor carroty false truffle
Stereopsis vitellina roothole rosette
Stereum gausapatum bleeding oak crust
Stereum hirsutum hairy curtain crust
Stereum ostrea false turkeytail
Stereum rugosum bleeding broadleaf crust
Stereum sanguinolentum bleeding conifer crust
Stereum subtomentosum yellowing curtain crust
Stigmatula astragali milk vetch dotty
Strobilomyces strobilaceus old man of the woods
Strobilurus esculentus sprucecone cap
Strobilurus stephanocystis Russian conecap
Strobilurus tenacellus pinecone cap
Stropharia aeruginosa verdigris roundhead 
Stropharia caerulea blue roundhead
Stropharia coronilla garland roundhead
Stropharia halophila dune roundhead
Stropharia hornemannii conifer roundhead
Stropharia inuncta smoky roundhead
Stropharia pseudocyanea peppery roundhead
Stropharia rugosoannulata wine roundhead
Stropharia semiglobata dung roundhead
Suillus bovinus bovine bolete
Suillus bresadolae var. flavogriseus bearded bolete
Suillus cavipes hollow bolete
Suillus flavidus jellied bolete
Suillus granulatus weeping bolete
Suillus grevillei larch bolete
Suillus luteus slippery Jack
Suillus placidus slippery white bolete
Suillus tridentinus orange larch bolete
Suillus variegatus velvet bolete
Suillus viscidus sticky bolete
Syzygospora tumefaciens toughshank jellygall
Taphrina alni alder tongue
Taphrina betulina birch besom
Taphrina johansonii aspen tongue
Taphrina pruni pocket plum
Taphrina tosquinetii alder wrinkle
Tapinella atrotomentosa velvet rollrim
Tapinella panuoides oyster rollrim
Tarzetta catinus greater toothed cup
Tarzetta cupularis toothed cup
Tatraea dumbirensis beechwood goblet
Tephrocybe anthrocophila bonfire greyling
Tephrocybe fuscipes darkfoot greyling
Tephrocybe osmophora sweet greyling
Tephrocybe palustris sphagnum greyling
Tephrocybe rancida rancid greyling
Tephrocybe tylicolor slater greyling
Terana caerulea  cobalt crust
Thelephora caryophyllea carnation earthfan
Thelephora palmata stinking earthfan
Thelephora penicillata urchin earthfan
Thelephora terrestris earthfan
Tilletia anthoxanthi sweet vernal smut
Tilletia caries stinking smut
Tolypocladium capitatum capitate truffleclub
Tolypocladium ophioglossoides snaketongue truffleclub
Tracya hydrocharidis frogbit smut
Trametes betulina birch mazegill
Trametes gallica brownflesh bracket
Trametes gibbosa lumpy bracket
Trametes hirsuta hairy bracket
Trametes ochracea ochre bracket
Trametes suaveolens fragrant bracket
Trametes versicolor turkeytail
Tremella encephala conifer brain
Tremella foliacea leafy brain
Tremella mesenterica yellow brain
Tremella moriformis mulberry brain
Tremella simplex Potter's jelly
Tremella steidleri brown brain
Tremellodendropsis tuberosa ashen coral
Trichaptum abietinum purplepore bracket
Trichobelonium kneiffii reed mat disco
Trichobelonium kneiffii reed mat disco
Trichoderma alutaceum dogend
Trichoderma pulvinatum ochre cushion
Trichoglossum hirsutum hairy earthtongue
Trichoglossum rasum dune earthtongue
Trichoglossum tetrasporum four spored earthtongue
Trichoglossum walteri short spored earthtongue
Tricholoma acerbum bitter knight
Tricholoma aestuans acrid knight
Tricholoma album white knight
Tricholoma apium scented knight
Tricholoma arvernense sovereign knight
Tricholoma atrosquamosum dark scaled knight
Tricholoma aurantium orange knight
Tricholoma cingulatum girdled knight
Tricholoma colossus giant knight 
Tricholoma columbetta blue spot knight
Tricholoma equestre yellow knight
Tricholoma focale booted knight
Tricholoma fulvum birch knight
Tricholoma imbricatum matt knight
Tricholoma inamoenum gassy knight
Tricholoma lascivum aromatic knight
Tricholoma matsutake spicy knight
Tricholoma pessundatum tacked knight
Tricholoma populinum poplar knight
Tricholoma portentosum coalman
Tricholoma psammopus larch knight
Tricholoma robustum robust knight
Tricholoma saponaceum soapy knight
Tricholoma scalpturatum yellowing knight
Tricholoma sciodes beech knight
Tricholoma sejunctum deceiving knight
Tricholoma stans upright knight
Tricholoma stiparophyllum chemical knight
Tricholoma sulphurescens yellow staining knight
Tricholoma sulphureum sulphur knight
Tricholoma terreum grey knight
Tricholoma ustale burnt knight
Tricholoma ustaloides charred knight
Tricholoma ustaloides charred knight
Tricholoma vaccinum scaly knight
Tricholoma virgatum ashen knight
Tricholomella constricta mealy domecap
Tricholomella constricta mealy domecap
Tricholomopsis decora prunes and custard
Tricholomopsis rutilans plums and custard
Triphragmium filipendulae dropwort rust
Triphragmium ulmariae meadowsweet rust
Triphragmium ulmariae meadowsweet rust
Trochila craterium ivy speckle
Trochila ilicina holly speckle
Trochila laurocerasi laurel speckle
Tubaria confragosa ringed twiglet
Tubaria conspersa felted twiglet
Tubaria dispersa hawthorn twiglet
Tubaria furfuracea scurfy twiglet
Tuber aestivum summer truffle
Tuber melanosporum black truffle
Tulostoma brumale winter stalkball
Tulostoma fimbriatum fringed stalkball
Tulostoma melanocyclum scaly stalkball
Tulostoma niveum white stalkball
Tylopilus felleus bitter bolete
Typhula erythropus redleg club
Typhula phacorrhiza tuberous club
Typhula quisquiliaris bracken club
Uredinopsis filicina beech fern rust
Uredo oncidii lady's tresses rust
Urocystis alopecuri foxtail smut
Urocystis avenae-elatioris false oat-grass smut
Urocystis colchici colchicum smut
Urocystis floccosa green hellebore smut
Urocystis poae meadow grass smut
Urocystis primulicola bird's-eye primrose smut
Urocystis trientalis chickweed wintergreen smut
Uromyces colchici colchicum rust
Uromyces dactylidis celandine clustercup rust
Uromyces ficariae bitter chocolate rust
Uromyces gageae yellow star-of-bethlehem rust
Uromyces gentianae felwort rust
Uromyces muscari bluebell rust
Uromyces scutellatus cypress spurge rust
Uromyces tuberculatus dwarf spurge rust
Ustanciosporium gigantosporum white beak-sedge smut
Ustanciosporium majus small spored white beak-sedge smut
Ustilago corcontica purple small-reed stripe smut
Ustilago echinata reed canary-grass smut
Ustilago hordei barley covered smut
Vankya ornithogali yellow star-of-bethlehem smut
Verpa conica thimble morel
Vibrissea truncorum stream beacon
Volvariella bombycina silky rosegill
Volvariella gloiocephala stubble rosegill
Volvariella reidii angel rosegill 
Volvariella surrecta piggyback rosegill
Vuilleminia comedens waxy crust
Vuilleminia coryli hazel waxycrust
Xenotypa aterrima birch bark stripper
Xerocomus chrysonemus goldenthread bolete
Xerocomus silwoodensis poplar bolete
Xeromphalina campanella pinewood gingertail
Xeromphalina cauticinalis pinelitter gingertail
Xylaria bulbosa bulbous candlesnuff
Xylaria carpophila beechmast candlesnuff
Xylaria digitata fingered candlesnuff
Xylaria guepinii dung candlesnuff
Xylaria hippotrichoides horsehair candlesnuff
Xylaria hypoxylon candlesnuff fungus
Xylaria longipes dead moll's fingers
Xylaria oxyacanthae haw candlesnuff
Xylaria polymorpha dead man's fingers
Xylodon sambuci elder whitewash
Zasmidium cellare distillery fungus

Non-UK species


Current Scientific name

Recommended English

Agaricus crocopeplus golden fleece mushroom
Agaricus subrufescens almond mushroom
Albatrellus caeruleoporus blue polypore
Albatrellus ovinus forest lamb
Albatrellus peckianus Peck's polypore
Amanita australis southern amanita
Amanita caesarea Caesar's amanita
Amanita calyptroderma Pacific amanita
Amanita daucipes carrot amanita
Amanita flavoconia yellow spotted amanita
Amanita jacksonii American slender Caesar
Amanita onusta gunpowder amanita
Amanita verna spring amanita
Amauroderma rude red staining stalked polypore
Amparoina spinosissima flaky bonnet
Ampulloclitocybe avellaneoalba smoky brown funnel
Anthracophyllum melanophyllum cinnabar fan bracket
Aurantiporus pulcherrimus strawberry bracket
Auricularia cornea rubber ear
Austropaxillus macnabbii orange rollrim
Boletellus obscurococcineus rhubarb bolete
Boletellus russellii pitted bolete
Boletopsis grisea grey falsebolete
Boletus firmus firm bolete
Boletus flammans flame bolete
Boletus frostii Frost's bolete
Boletus hortonii corrugated bolete
Boletus regius royal bolete
Boletus reticuloceps fishnet bolete
Boletus torosus brawny bolete
Boletus zelleri Zeller's bolete
Bondarzewia montana mountain polypore
Calostoma cinnabarina red aspic puffball
Campanella aeruginea turquoise oysterling
Cantharellus cinnabarinus cinnabar chanterelle
Cantharellus ignicolor flame chanterelle
Caripia montagnei pod parachute
Catathelasma imperiale imperial mushroom
Ceriporia tarda mauve waxpore
Chlorophyllum agaricoides puffball parasol
Chlorovibrissea phialophora green pinball
Clavaria phoenicea sunset spindles
Clavaria purpurea purple spindles
Clavariadelphus truncatus truncated club
Climacodon septentrionalis northern tooth fungus
Clitocybe amoenolens paralysis funnel
Conocybe deliquescens beansprout conecap
Cookeina tricholoma hairy tropical goblet
Cortinarius agathosmus scented webcap
Cortinarius austrovenetus green skinhead
Cortinarius iodes viscid violet webcap
Crinipellis zonata zoned hairy parachute
Cryptoporus volvatus veiled polypore
Cymatoderma elegans leathery goblet
Cyptotrama asprata scruffy scalycap
Cystoagaricus trisulphuratus scaly tangerine mushroom
Cyttaria darwinii  Darwin's golfball
Cyttaria gunnii orange golfball 
Dacryopinax spathularia fan shaped jelly
Deflexula subsimplex pendant coral
Echinodontium tinctorium indian paint fungus
Entoloma glaucoroseum jade pinkgill
Entoloma murrayi unicorn pinkgill
Entoloma quadratum salmon pinkgill
Entoloma violaceum violet pinkgill
Entoloma virescens skyblue pinkgill
Favolaschia pustulosa white porecap
Favolus tenuiculus tropical white polypore
Filoboletus manipularis luminous porecap
Floccularia luteovirens yellow bracelet
Galiella rufa hairy rubber cup
Gallacea scleroderma velvet potato fungus
Glaziella aurantiaca orange bladder
Gliophorus viridis verdigris waxcap
Gomphus floccosus woolly chanterelle
Gyromitra gigas giants false morel
Heimioporus betula shaggy stalked bolete
Heliocybe sulcata sunray sawgill
Hexagonia hydnoides hexagon bracket
Humidicutis lewelliniae mauve splitting waxcap
Humidicutis marginata orange gilled waxcap
Hydnellum auratile gold tooth
Hydnopolyporus fimbriatus poretooth rosette
Hygrocybe caespitosa clustered waxcap
Hygrophorus latitabundus ebony woodwax
Hygrophorus speciosus splendid woodwax
Hypomyces lactifluorum lobster fungus
Hypsizygus marmoreus beech leech
Inocybe caesariata caesar's fibrecap
Lachnocladium denudatum smooth leather coral
Lactarius indigo indigo milkcap
Lactarius lignyotus velvet milkcap
Lactocollybia aurantiaca orange milkshank
Leccinum eximium lilacbrown bolete
Leccinum lepidum neat bolete
Lentinula edodes shiitake
Lentinus crinitus fringed sawgill
Leotia viscosa greencap jellybaby
Lepiota flammeatincta flaming parasol
Leratiomyces erythrocephalus redhead roundhead
Leucoagaricus rubrotinctus ruby dapperling
Leucocoprinus fragilissimus fragile dapperling
Lignosus rhinocerus tiger's milk fungus
Longula texensis Texan desert mushroom
Lysurus corallocephalus coralhead stinkhorn
Lysurus mokusin ribbed lizard's claw
Macowanites luteolus yellow brittleball
Macrocybe titans American titan+C1030
Marasmius crinisequi rainforest horsehair 
Marasmius haematocephalus mauve parachute
Marasmius pulcherripes rosy parachute
Marasmius zenkeri striped parachute
Microglossum rufum orange earthtongue
Microporus xanthopus yellow stemmed micropore
Montagnea arenaria desert inkcap
Mucronella pendula icicle spine
Mutinus borneensis yellow dog stinkhorn
Mycena aurantiidisca tangerine bonnet
Mycena interrupta pixie's parasol
Mycena leaiana golden bonnet
Mycena strobilinoides flame bonnet
Mycena viscidocruenta ruby bonnet
Nidula niveotomentosa woolly bird's nest
Omphalotus japonicus moonlight mushroom
Onnia tomentosa velvet rosette
Ophiocordyceps sinensis Chinese caterpillar fungus
Perenniporia medulla-panis pancake crust
Peziza azureoides azure cup
Phaeocollybia christinae Christina's rootshank+C1239
Phallus indusiatus veiled lady
Phillipsia domingensis mauve elfcup
Phlebia coccineofulva scarlet waxcrust
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus gilled bolete
Physalacria inflata bladder stalks
Pleurotus citrinopileatus golden oyster
Pleurotus djamor tropical oyster
Pleurotus eryngii king oyster
Pluteus aurantiorugosus flame shield
Podaxis pistillaris desert shaggy mane
Podoscypha petalodes wine glass rosette
Podoserpula pusio pagoda fungus
Podostroma cornu-damae poison fire coral
Pseudocolus fusiformis stinky squid
Psilocybe cubensis golden brownie
Pterula subulata angel hair coral
Pulveroboletus ravenelii sulphur bolete
Ramaria araiospora red coral
Ramaria longispora longspored orange coral
Ramaria sanguinea bloody coral
Rigidoporus sanguinolentus bleeding porecrust
Sarcosoma globosum witches cauldron
Sebacina sparassoidea white coral jelly
Staheliomyces cinctus cummerbund stinkhorn
Suillus bellinii champagne bolete
Suillus ochraceoroseus rosy larch bolete
Syzygospora mycetophila toughshank brain
Terfezia arenaria moroccan desert truffle
Termitomyces robustus robust termite fungus
Tetrapyrgos nigripes blackfoot parachute
Tremella fuciformis silver ear
Tremellodendron schweinitzii jellied false coral
Tricholoma caligatum true booted knight
Tricholoma magnivelare american matsutake
Tricholoma pardinum leopard knight
Tuber magnatum white truffle
Tylopilus alboater black velvet bolete
Tylopilus chromapes yellowfoot bolete
Urnula craterium devil's urn
Weraroa virescens blue pouch fungus
Xylaria tentaculata fairy sparkler



Liz Holden July 2019