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Neill Simpson

Area West-Central Scotland, VC's 75, 76, 77, 86, 98, 99, 100, 101. In plain English the CAFG has been established to cover Ayrshire and the Clyde Isles, Argyll, the Glasgow metropolitan area and its surrounding shires: Lanark, Renfrew, Dunbarton and Stirling.
Details The CAFG was founded in April 2010 to promote the study, recording and conservation of fungi in western and central Scotland. We welcome anybody who is interested in any aspect of mycology to join us and participate in our activities as a friend. Our distribution records will be submitted to the British Mycological Society for inclusion in the Foray Records Database of Britain and Ireland.
The foraying programme is intended to include both well-known sites and areas which have seen little or no fungal recording. One foray is planned for each month from November to July, with up to four forays per month during the peak fruiting period of August to October. It is during this "peak period" that we would particularly encourage beginners to attend our forays as the variety of fungi encountered can be spectacular and memorable, while a foray in January might only appeal to the battle-hardened fanatic! We intend to split our autumnal foraging parties into two divisions: a science division for expert and improving mycologists and a grocery division to try to inspire beginners, whether their fungal interest be scientific, environmental, photographic, artistic, historic, cultural or culinary! All are welcome to attend, including children (the future of mycology - and often excellent hunters!) - provided they are accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian. However, even the dog-lovers among us recognise that pooches are usually bad news on a foray, so please don't bring them unless they are exceptionally calm and obedient. Most of our forays will be on weekends and of 4-5 hours duration with a break for lunch.
From time to time we will organise 2-3 day weekend forays, usually in conjunction with other fungus groups. It is also planned that we will have mountain bike forays to access those unrecorded hectads at some distance from the nearest hard-top road, and kayak forays to survey remote lochsides and wooded islands which have never seen a mycologist! From 2011 it is our intention to begin a programme of indoor workshops, including tuition in microscopy and the use of identification keys from beginner to advanced level.
Access On a few foray sites only.