Conservation Policy

1. General Statement:

The British Mycological Society is committed to supporting fungal conservation. To this end it will foster and promote those activities which will ensure the survival of viable fungal populations and communities.

2. Conservation assessments:

The Society will contribute to fungal Red - Listing which conforms to International standards, and will press for positive conservation of threatened fungi through national and international channels.

3. Habitat Conservation:

The Society will seek protection for important mycological sites against loss, deterioration or fragmentation, howsoever caused.

4. Research:

The Society's constitutional object is to promote mycology in all its aspects. To this end the Society will encourage taxonomic, environmental and ecological research that will provide the scientific evidence needed to support work on Red - Listing and fungal conservation in general.

5. Information:

The Society will monitor and record the occurrence of fungi, making the data available on-line and by other means as appropriate.

6. Education:

The Society will promote a wider understanding of the vital role played by fungi within ecosystems, alongside the importance of conserving fungi.

7. Collaboration:

The Society will enhance its links with organisations concerned with conservation and the protection of the environment at local, national and international levels.

8. Code of Conduct:

The Society will publish a 'Recommended Code of Conduct' for the responsible collecting of fungi for research and educational purposes

9. Review:

The Society will review and update its conservation policy, as required, to take account of new research findings and changes in relevant legislation and environmental policy.

November  2015