Berkeley Award

The BMS Berkeley Award recognises an outstanding original scientific contribution to mycology by researchers at an early stage of their career, and commemorates the contributions of the Rev. M. J. Berkeley (1803-1889) to mycology. An Award of £1000 is made for scientific contributions that are supported by published papers or papers accepted for publication. Recipients are at an early career stage, normally within five years of permanent appointment.

Previous recipients of the Berkeley Award include:

  • Angel Medina-Vaya (2021)
  • Duncan Wilson (2019)
  • Elizabeth Ballou (2018)
  • Alex Brand (2010)
  • Steve Bates (2009)
  • Mathew Fisher (2006)
  • Paul Dyer (1999)
  • Geoffrey M.Gadd (1990)
  • Lynne Boddy (1989)

Angel Medina- Vaya - Berkeley Award 2021










Angel Medina-Vaya, winner of the Berkeley Award in 2021


Making a nomination

Nominations for this award can be made by any member of the Society. Nominees shall, with their approval, be proposed and seconded by two current BMS Members, supported by a brief statement and / or CV. Nominations should be sent by email to and will be forwarded to the BMS Council for consideration.

The winner of the Berkeley Award is invited to give a lecture at the next BMS Annual Scientific Meeting, where the award will be presented.