Autumn Open Meeting 2021

The World of Fungi

20 November 2021.
Organised and hosted by Professor Martin Bidartondo, Imperial College London & Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Click on the links below to watch recordings of the presentations.

Speakers and recordings

  • Prof. Ursula Peintner, University of Innsbruck. Expert on alpine and arctic fungi, webcaps and polypores.

Alpine habitats as fungal treasure box.

  • Ruben De Lange, University of Gent. Expert on the brittlegills, Russula.

Stop black and white thinking:  Russula subgenus Compactae revised.

  • Dr. Ryan Stephens, University of New Hampshire. Ecologist investigating fungus consumption by mammals.

Truffles, small mammals and trees: linking above- and below-ground interactions.

  • Dr. Pepijn Kooij, São Paulo State University. Evolutionary biologist investigating fungus-growing insects.

Evolution to live with ants.

  • Bruch Reed, COO, and Barbara Ching, President, of the North American Mycological Association.

NAMA, the Voucher Collection project and 'People to People Science'

  • Nathan Wilson, Founder of Mushroom Observer.

Mushroom Observer 2021.

  • Doug Bierend, Journalist and author of In Search of Mycotopia (2021).

In Search of Mycotopia