Education & Outreach

Fungal Education and Outreach aims to raise awareness of fungi and fungal science at all levels and across all disciplines; from junior school through secondary school and universities, to enthusiasts, including educators and the general public.

  • Through our public events and outreach activities we seek to engage with all who have an interest in fungi. Our UK Fungus Day outreach platform facilitates greater engagement with the educational arena; providing not only information, resources and ideas, but also a mechanism for exchange of knowledge and expertise between fungus enthusiasts, teachers, educators, artists, families & children, businesses and academia; promoting a greater awareness, interest, understanding and fascination of the fungal kingdom.
  • We provide a variety of resources for education including classroom activities, university teaching materials and materials for general public events.
  • ‘Mycokids’ seeks to capture an early interest in the fascinating world of the fungi. Meet Dingy Twiglet, Frosty Funnel and their friends as they discover more about the Kingdom ‘Fungi’. Try out our fun kitchen science activities at home or use our resources to plan a ‘fun with fungi’ day in school for ‘Beginners’ (5 – 11 year olds; KS1-2; Years 1-6).


Dr Linda Davies, Chair of the BMS Fungal Education & Outreach Committee

Why fungi must be included in a Natural History GCSE

Fungi are not plants and not animals. They're a kingdom of their own, and a huge kingdom of some 3-5 million species, although only about 140,000 have been described to date. Fungi are essential to life on earth, and without them our terrestrial ecosystems wouldn't function.

In the December 2021 OCR newsletter, Dr Linda Davies, Chair of the BMS Fungal Education & Outreach Committee, explains why its crucial fungi must be included in OCR's proposed GCSE in Natural History.

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