UK Fungus Day

UK Fungus Day is an annual celebration of our fungal world.

Through UK Fungus Day, the British Mycological Society shares the importance of fungi to our lives and aims to inspire others to help preserve our native fungi and improve our scientific knowledge of these unique and remarkable organisms.

Alongside the many UK-based groups, museums, universities and research centres offering a chance to join fungus walks, view fungi collections and visit exhibitions of the latest fungal science and technology, UK Fungus Day invites everyone to join in, delve deeper and learn more about fungi through art and performance, crafts and creations, online talks, quizzes and competitions.

2023 marked the 10th anniversary of UK Fungus Day.  Find out more about this year's events and activities on the UK Fungus Day website

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In 2024, UK Fungus Day wil be celebrated on Saturday 5th October

Winning photos from the UK Fungus Day competition

Winners of the 2023 UK Fungus Day photo competition

Visit the UK Fungus Day website to find out more about the winning photos, and see all the runners-up.