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Area Warwickshire (Vice County 38) mainly
Details The Group was established in 1968 with the aim of producing ‘the Fungus Flora of Warwickshire’. After 15 years of intense activity, the Flora was published by the British Mycological Society in 1980. The survey continues today, with supplements published in the ‘Proceedings of the Birmingham Natural History Society’.
We carry on the tradition with 12 or more forays during the season, planned by committee. A newsletter is published on our website every year giving the lists of fungi found from all the previous year’s forays, along with any other Warwickshire records from the Group.
Specimens of rare species or species new to the Vice County are dried, their details entered on cards, and added to the herbarium of the Warwickshire Fungus Survey, housed in the County Museum in Warwick.
Forays normally begin at 10.30 am. on Sundays, usually finish at (picnic) lunchtime, but occasionally go on into the afternoon. New members continue to join us, and are always welcome, whether beginners or more advanced in field mycology.
Dogs may or may not be allowed by the landowner or managing authority. Check beforehand with the Group. Forays are not specifically aimed at children, but they may attend, accompanied by parents.
Access Variable; contact the group about individual sites