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Mariko Parslow - Secretary, Surrey Fungus Study Group

Surrey, vice-county 17, including the area transferred to administrative Greater London (1965) and that to West Sussex (1972), but excluding Spelthorne Borough which, although currently under Surrey County Council, remains a part of Middlesex, v.c. 21.


Surrey Fungus Study Group (SFSG) was created in 2012, as a project group which aims:

a) to study the mycota of Surrey (v.c. 17), by documenting and otherwise investigating the fungi of the county, including historical data and herbarium specimens.

b) to encourage an interest in and understanding of the importance of fungi in the county’s environment.

c) to develop a greater knowledge of fungi through taxonomic studies and other activities.

d) to promote the conservation of fungi in Surrey.

Our activities are geared to the eventual production of a comprehensive fungal checklist for the county. To this end, we will concentrate on locating and collating various datasets and examining herbarium specimens. Fresh material will also be studied, but only a very small number of forays will be held, which will be open to members only.

We are hosted by and will work closely with the Mycology Section, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


 Access for the disabled will be in place only when the Group meets at Kew. Forays are unsuitable for a wheelchair user.