Symposia Volumes

The Society publishes symposium volumes, each of which is a collection of comprehensive, timely and truly international reviews of important topics in mycology. Taken together, these volumes form a multidisciplinary library of current work in fungal biology.

These volumes are currently in print and can be ordered from Cambridge University Press by following the link apart from top two which were published by Elsevier.

• No 28 Ecology of Saprotrophic Basidiomycetes (2008)
Edited by Lynne Boddy, Juliet Frankland Pieter van West

• No 27 Stress in Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi (2007)
Edited by Simon Avery, Malcolm Stratford, Pieter van West

• No 26 Exploitation of Fungi
Edited by G. D. Robson, Pieter van West, Geoffrey Gadd

• No 25 Fungi in the Environment
Edited by Geoffrey Gadd, Sarah C. Watkinson, Paul S. Dyer

• No 24 Fungi in Biogeochemical Cycles
Edited by Geoffrey Michael Gadd  

• No 23 Fungi in Bioremediation
Edited by G. M. Gadd : November 2001

• No 22 Fungal Conservation  - Issues and Solutions
Edited by David Moore , Marijke M. Nauta , Shelley E. Evans , Maurice Rotheroe  

• No 21 The Fungal Colony
Edited by N. A. R. Gow , G. D. Robson , G. M. Gadd

• No 20 Fungi and Environmental Change
Edited by Juliet C. Frankland , Naresh Magan , Geoffrey M. Gadd

• No 19 Aspects of Tropical Mycology
Edited by Susan Isaac , Juliet C. Frankland , Roy Watling , Anthony J. S. Whalley

• No 18 Applied Molecular Genetics of Fungi
Edited by J. F. Peberdy , C. E. Caten , Jill E. Ogden , J. W. Bennett

• No 17 Phytophthora
Edited by J. A. Lucas , R. C. Shattock , D. S. Shaw , Louise R. Cook

• No 16 Biotechnology of Fungi for Improving Plant Growth
Edited by J. M. Whipps , R. D. Lumsden

• No 4 Decomposer Basidiomycetes - Their Biology and Ecology
Edited by J. Frankland , J. N. Hedger , M. J. Swift