Massee Arts Grant

The mission of the British Mycological Society is to promote fungal science and we recognise that art, in all its forms, provides a powerful route through which we can attract new audiences, provoke discussion and stimulate interest in mycology. 

The Massee Arts Grant is named after George Edward Massee, who became the first President of the British Mycological Society following its foundation in 1896.  Massee was an artist whose paintings attracted the attention of M.C. Cooke, Head of Mycology at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew,  leading to the recognition of Massee's work as a mycologist.  

The Massee Arts Grant provides an annual fund of £10,000 to support individual projects up to a maximum of £5,000 each.  Artists from all disciplines who can help us encourage all sectors of society to engage with and learn about the world of fungi are eligible to apply.

Massee Arts Grants are awarded annually.  The deadline for applications is 28 February and outcomes are communicated to applicants in April.



The importance of mycology

Life on Earth would not exist without fungi!

Without the recycling activities of fungi, the world’s ecosystems would soon run out of nutrients. Plants without their fungal mycorrhizal partners to deliver water and nutrients, would not be able to grow and food would quickly become depleted. Some fungi are also pathogens - of plants, humans, frogs, bats, soft coral, bees - and in certain cases are causing widespread decline of animal or plant populations.  In humans, certain fungi can cause invasive infections which contribute to high death rates in individuals suffering from AIDS and cancer, and others can cause irritating infections of our skin. They can even poison us.

However, few fungi actually cause a nuisance to the healthy individual.  And, without fungi, animals and plants could not - and would not - exist.


The Massee Arts Grant is open to artists from all disciplines and all geographic locations who can help us meet our objectives to: encourage all sectors of society to engage in and learn about the wonderful world of fungi; promote fungal science to a wide audience; provide an ongoing legacy that supports public engagment with fungal science.

The funds are available for projects that are new (not ongoing or completed projects).

Applicants may apply for only one award within a 24 month period.

What is covered by the grant?

The maximum amount available per grant is £5,000.  Grants will support artists from all disciplines whose work helps encourage all sectors of society to engage and learn about fungi.

How to apply

Grant applications will be open from 1st January to 28th February each year.   Application is by completion of the online form.

Also see: Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed by a Panel of experts from the art and mycology sectors.   The Panel's decision is final.

Conditions of the award

1. The artist must acknowledge the financial contribution made by the BMS in any project outputs.  Details of any such promotional opportunities should be conveyed to the BMS.

2. A short video of (or part of) the performance/event/art work, including a verbal summary report from the artist, must be produced.  

3. A report of expenditure incurred, with receipts, is required.

4. Details of awards made, outputs and the video reports will be highlighted on some or all of the BMS’s digital channels (BMS and UK Fungus Day websites; social media) and in the BMS members’ newsletter. 

Administration of awards

Applicants will receive notification of the outcome of their application in April.  Payment of the approved grant will be made in GBP Sterling by bank transfer to the individual applicant/organisation.

Funds awarded are subject to return if the awardee does not meet the full conditions of the award here described.