John Webster Award

The John Webster Award recognises outstanding contributions to fungal biology research over an extended career, and commemorates the vast contributions of the late Prof. John Webster to mycology and to the British Mycological Society. Recipients have made an outstanding contribution to fungal research and the scientific mycology community as evidenced by their publications and esteem indicators.

The winner of the John Webster Award is invited to give a lecture at the next BMS Annual Scientific Meeting, where the award is presented. The award may take the form of a gift or monetary award.

Making a nomination

Nominees may be drawn from any nation and need not be members of the BMS. Nominees should be proposed and seconded by two current BMS Members, supported by a brief statement and / or CV. Nominations should be sent by email to and will be forwarded to the BMS Fungal Biology Research Committee for consideration.

Lynne Boddy

John Webster Award 2023: Prof Lynne Boddy

Lynne began her career in mycology at the University of Exeter, under the tutelage of John Webster himself. Her interest in saprotrophic fungi was sparked when she discovered that her student digs were being inexorably devoured by dry rot. Yes: Lynne holds a DSc from Exeter University, has been president of the British Mycological Society, and has been on Radio 4's The Life Scientific but, more than that, everyone who has met, worked and studied with Lynne knows her to be endlessly enthusiastic, warm-hearted and encouraging. As such, Lynne Boddy is a deserving recipient of the John Webster Award.

Past recipients include:

  • Lynne Boddy (2023)
  • Geoffrey M. Gadd (2020/21)
  • Gero Steinberg (2018)
  • Nick Talbot (2016)

Lynne Boddy and Dan Bebber 2023









Lynne Boddy with Dan Bebber (Chair of the Fungal Biology Research Committee) at the BMS Annual Scientific Meeting, Newcastle, 2023