Hampshire Fungus
Recording Group

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HFRG@hampshirefungi.org.uk  or  HampshireFungusRecordingGroup@gmail.com
Area Hampshire including vice-counties 11 and 12. Half of the events are in the New Forest.

The HFRG was founded when a group of fungal enthusiasts met at the Percy Hobbs public house outside Winchester in about 1988. Since that inaugural meetings we have held an annual programme of autumn and spring forays and documented nearly 40,000 records covering more than 2000 species of fungi.

We have thirty or more members in the group of whom between 8 and 15 attend on any one foray. We have a varied amount of experience and skills but all share a passion and interest for fungi which we like to share with each other. Some of us are beginners, some have great national expertise and have published books and articles on fungi, some of us have microscopes to help with further identification and some prefer just to identify in the field. Again some of us like to take photographs of the fungi, which we all enjoy viewing after our AGM. Although some of us as individuals may enjoy eating fungi as a group we are very much involved with conservation and as a result we do not collect for eating on forays.

Apart from our series of 20 to 30 forays we hold each year the group also keeps in touch by an internet mailing list. This keeps members informed of recent news or changes to the groups activities. We try to keep those members who do not have email informed by telephone or post.

We hold one or two workshops each year and invite national experts to lead and inform us on special forays. These events are very popular and well attended.

Access Terrain is usually off roads and off footpaths.