Undergraduate Practicals

The British Mycological Society is committed to showing how fungi can be used as excellent study organisms for a variety of investigative areas for undergraduate practicals in the biological sciences.

The practical resources have been written by university lecturers who teach mycology at undergraduate and postgraduate level. They provide information about what type of module the practicals can be included in, how to conduct and prepare the practicals, student’s instructions and suggestions as to how to assess the work.

If you have a fungi-related practical experiment which you would like to share, please contact Dr Kay Yeoman at k.yeoman@uea.ac.uk

Practical experiments submitted and chosen to include within this section will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

Practical Experiments

Obtaining a fungal-baited community from fresh water (1,677.92 KB) Fungal Dispersal (1,620.92 KB)