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Field Mycology is a quarterly publication covering topics of interest to experienced field mycologists.  

Latest issue: Volume 24(4) November 2023

FM cover November 2023


Front cover image

Chroogomphus fulmineus, a rather common species in the pine woods of the Cairngorms, Scotland and showing the flame red flecks of veil on the stem which give it its name. Photograph credit: Geoffrey Kibby.









  • Editorial
  • Obituary: Dr Audrey Sybil Yelland - John Holden
  • Fungal Portrait No. 96: Xerocomellus cisalpinus and some lookalikes – Geoffrey Kibby
  • Entoloma jennyae new to Great Britain – Pauline Penna
  • Smuts on the water: the British status of Tracya hydrocharidis and a report of T. lemnae, new to Britain – A. Martyn Ainsworth
  • Russula diversity in NE Scotland – Helen Baker, Andy Taylor, Toni Watt & the Grampian Fungus Group
  • Puccinia ferruginosa, a second rust on Artemisia vulgaris in Britain – Chris D. Preston, David J. Harris, Julia Kruse & Nigel Stringer
  • Coccomyces delta new to Britain with a brief synopsis of other British species – Brian Spooner & Fay Newbery
  • Notes and Records - Alick Henrici
  • The first British record of Neofavolus suavissimus - Peter Cowling
  • Index to Vols 23 - 24


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