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Member - discounted first year

Full members have an interest in fungi and can participate fully in the Society including voting at elections and applying for posts on Council.

£ 21.00

Postgraduate Member

Postgraduate Members must be registered for a higher degree and carrying out some form of research study on fungi.

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Undergraduate Member

Undergraduate Members are those in full or part-time education on courses leading to a Bachelors degree or equivalent, but not registered for a higher degree.

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Electronic Journals

Online access to the full content of all BMS journals, including past issues.

£ 38.00

Fungal Biology

Fungal Biology publishes original contributions in all fields of basic and applied research involving fungi and fungus-like organisms (including oomycetes and slime moulds).

£ 60.00

Fungal Ecology

Fungal Ecology publishes investigations into all aspects of fungal ecology.

£ 54.00

Fungal Biology Reviews

Fungal Biology Reviews is a comprehensive platform for high-quality scientific review articles aiming to cover all aspects of fungal biology.

£ 40.00

Field Mycology

Digital copies of this journal are free to BMS Members from a members-only page on the BMS website. A print subscription (4 issues per year) is £12 in addition to the Membership Fee.

£ 12.00
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