Field Mycology & Conservation

Co-ordinated by the Field Mycology and Conservation Committee (FMC Committee), the BMS supports the recording and describing of the vast diversity of fungal life in the UK, and its conservation. This is reliant on the tremendous effort made by individual members and local autonomous groups.  We support anyone with an interest in observing, recording and promoting the conservation of fungi.

We organise a number of meetings, forays and workshops each year that are open to everyone. The events are coordinated by the Events Officer and local organisers. Tutors are experienced field mycologists based both in the United Kingdom and in the rest of Europe.

The BMS produces Field Mycology, a quarterly publication concerning topics relevant to the field mycologist.

The FMC Committee co-ordinates the recording of the occurrence of fungi and records are held in the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland (FRDBI). The FRDBI holds over 2.5 million records and is a major resource for conservation and research purposes. We also support the Recording Network of local groups affiliated to the BMS, which includes groups from all four nations of the UK. The groups provide an excellent opportunity for those starting to explore the fungal kingdom as well as providing support and help for more experienced field mycologists.

We have been committed to promoting the conservation of fungi for 25 years, and have contributed to the development of Red Data Lists, Biodiversity Action Plans, and the selection of species for the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

The FMC Committee considers nominations for the Field Mycology Award which recognises those who have contributed significantly to the advancement of British field mycology. ​​

Local fungus groups across the UK

Local Fungus Groups exist in many parts of the UK and are run on a voluntary basis by enthusiasts seeking to share their knowledge of wild fungi and help improve identification skills. They provide a welcoming environment for new members to enjoy exploring the world of fungi.


Front cover of Field Mycology - August 2023

Latest issue of Field Mycology

August 2023

Ths front cover image shows a rare species: Cuphophyllus lacmus, Grey Waxcap, growing on heather (Calluna vulgaris) on Lundy (Credit: Richard Penny)