Strategic Plan 2022-2025

Our strategy defines how we will work over the next 3 years towards achieving our overarching mission: to promote fungal science internationally. 

Drawing on insight from our 2021 survey of members and supporters, we have developed three strategic priorities to promote fungal science and ecology nationally and internationally. Through focused activities aligned to these priorities, we aim to ensure the Society’s long-term sustainability and resilience, improve key resources and services, broaden our outreach and raise the profile of the BMS, its members and volunteers, and support the growing community of mycology experts, enthusiasts and newcomers.


Strategic Priorities 2022.png



Priority 1: Improve key resources and services for our members and the broader mycology community.

Key Activities

  • Update and modernise the BMS website.
  • Improve the quality and relevance of direct communications with our members.
  • Review and update the BMS membership categories.
  • Improve diversity and inclusion of under-represented groups within the membership.
  • Increase engagement with the BMS awards, grants and bursary schemes.
  • Review and expand our suite of educational resources.
  • Review and develop tools, systems and networks supporting fungus recording in Britain and Ireland.

We will assess the progress of these key activities by: monitoring and analysing use of the website, grant applications and engagement with our communications; tracking member retention and recruitment; monitoring the diversity of those involved with the BMS; requesting feedback from members and other audiences.


Priority 2: Increase our outreach and raise the external profile of the BMS.

Key Activities

  • Expand our programme of online and in-person events.
  • Facilitate access to academic mycological research and developments in field mycology and conservation.
  • Improve and increase external communications, using appropriate channels to deliver relevant content and engage target audiences.
  • Seek opportunities to work collaboratively with other organisations to increase reach and impact.

We will assess the progress of these key activities by: monitoring and analysing event attendance; tracking journal subscriptions, submissions of articles, reader statistics and impact factors; reviewing and analysing social media data; tracking engagement of new audiences with BMS events, communications and other outputs.


Priority 3: Embed the Society’s long-term sustainability and resilience through effective governance and improved operational procedures.

Key Activities

  • Review and strengthen the Society's governance.
  • Develop the BMS Office staff base to support the activities of our Committees.
  • Streamline and standardise internal processes and procedures.

We will assess the progress of these key activities by: regularly reviewing the activities of BMS staff, Council and Committees; monitoring the diversity of applications to governance roles; reviewing new roles and requesting feedback from new recruits; monitoring productivity and outputs.