Dr. Donna MacCallum PhD FHEA FRSB

Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Teaching Lead (School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition)

Research Focus

Fungal pathogenesis, animal infection models and antifungal drug development

Scientific Activities

Dr MacCallum is an fungal researcher in experimental infection models and fungal virulence, and is an advocate of the 3Rs in research. She is currently the Treasurer of ISHAM, and has previously served as the Treasurer of the British Society for Medical Mycology (BSMM) and has served on the Microbiology Society Eukaryotic Committee.

Dr MacCallum is the current Programme Coordinator of the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology MRes in Medical Mycology Programme, as well as the MSc programmes in Microbiology and Genetics at the University of Aberdeen. Dr MacCallum is also an Editor of the journal Medical Mycology.

Dr MacCallum is actively involved in public engagement and has received public engagement funding from the Microbiology Society, NC3Rs and the Royal Society (a partnership grant with a local primary school).

Significant Publications

iu, Z., Moran, G. P., Sullivan, D. J., MacCallum, D. M. & Myers, L. C (2016). Amplification of TLO Mediator Subunit Genes Facilitate Filamentous Growth in Candida Spp. PLoS Genetics. 12, 10, p. e1006373

D. S. Childers, I. Raziunaite, G. Mol Avelar, J. Mackie, S. Budge, D. Stead, N. A. R. Gow, M. D. Lenardon, E. R. Ballou, D. M. MacCallum, A. J. P. Brown (2016). The rewiring of ubiquitination targets in a pathogenic yeast promotes metabolic flexibility, host colonization and virulence. PLoS Pathogens 12: e1005566

E. K. Szabo and D. M. MacCallum (2014). A novel renal epithelial cell in vitro assay to assess Candida albicans virulence. Virulence 5(2): 1-11 doi: 10.4161/viru.27046


Contact information

MRC Centre for Medical Mycology
Institute of Medical Sciences
AB25 2ZD

Email: d.m.maccallum@abdn.ac.uk