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Trends in the Systematics of Bacteria and Fungi

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Trends in the Systematics of Bacteria and Fungi

by Paul Bridge, David Smith and Erko Stackebrandt


Methods in microbial systematics have developed and changed significantly in the last 40 years, resulting in considerable change in both the defining microbial species and the methods required to make reliable identifications. This book provides insight into how current methods and resources are being used in microbial systematics, together with thoughts and suggestions on how methodologies and concepts may develop in the future. It includes coverage of:


  • The philosophy and changes in microbial systematics, including the relevance of names, new concepts of species, and the issues encountered with species that cannot be grown in culture.
  • The application of new identification technologies, specifically those based on nucleic acids and complex chemo-taxonomic methods.
  • The challenges of using published databases and other data resources in arriving at an identification appropriate to current species concepts.
  • The practical requirements of an identification: obtaining and verifying reference cultures and data, and the type and level of identification required by different users.


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