First time users

Important notice: It takes a few days after paying for electronic journals before you can register and  login to the Science Direct website to access them.


BMS Members who have paid for electronic journals can access the collection of BMS Journals and back-issues on the Elsevier ScienceDirect website. This will require a different username and password and cannot be accessed with the BMS website username and password.

Obtain your BMS membership number

You will need your BMS Membership Number to create a personal account on the ScienceDirect website and access the electronic journals. If you do not know your number login to the BMS website and go to my Account


Your membership number number is at the top of the membership section:


Please contact if you need further help with this.

Create ScienceDirect account

To access Bulletin British Mycological Society, Field Mycology, Fungal Biology, Fungal Biology Reviews, Fungal Ecology, Mycological Research, Mycologist, Transactions British Mycological Society, please use your activation code for one-time activation. 

1. Go to: Please do not bookmark this link. It is only for one-time activation 

Screenshot (402).png

2. Enter your BMS membership number

Please enter your BMS membership number into the box provided.  This will take you to the page below; where you will need to go to ‘Register Now’.


The next step is completing a user profile. You will be asked to fill out a form, including your email address and you will be asked to choose a password. 

 A username will be assigned. Both username and password will be case sensitive.

Note - please do NOT use special characters, such as ö, ä, æ when entering your personal details into the profile form.

If you have all ready registered with Science Direct previously as a guest user or in conjunction with another journal, you may see the following message;

elsevier 2.png

Please continue with registration, otherwise your online entitlement will not be activated.  Once you have successfully registered, the following page will be shown.

elsevier 3.png

After activation, your membership needs to be associated to a ScienceDirect user profile. 

3. Click “register now” to create a new ScienceDirect username. 


4. Log in using an existing ScienceDirect username 

After registration, you can use your email address and ScienceDirect password to access the journals on by clicking here to the page for registered users