There will be a number of vacancies on the three BMS committees from January 1st 2019

 The Fungal Biology Research Committee requires: (FBR)

  • Chair
  • External Liaisons Officer 
  • News Officer


The Fungal Education & Outreach committee requires: (FEO)

·         Vice Chair (alongside another FEO role, in readiness to take on the role of chair)

·         Life Long Learning Adviser

·         Primary Schools Adviser

·         Academic Research Adviser

Role description details can be found within the BMS website FEO page at the link below.


The Field Mycology & Conservation committee. (FMC)

The FMCC deals with all the issues involving field mycology and fungus conservation in the UK on behalf of the BMS. These include the Recording network, Field Meetings and workshops, Conservation issues and fungal recording. They will have two vacant roles to fill.


Nominations for one of these roles must be supported by two or more members and need to reach the BMS office not less than three months preceding the Society’s AGM (November 2018)and be accompanied by a signed acceptance of nomination by the candidate

 Further information on the procedure for nominating a BMS member to committee can be found within the BMS Constitution Paragraph 17: Section 7. Part (ii)  at the link below.

Nominations should be submitted as soon as possible to

A brief resume of skills and experience would be welcome to outline the candidate’s suitability for a role.