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Machiel Noordeloos - Entoloma revised: What is left of the traditional species concepts?

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In this lecture, Machiel Noordeloos gives an impression of the impact of ITS barcoding on the taxonomic concepts in the genus Entoloma: shifting species concepts, surprising new insights in the value of morphological and microscopical characters, and the advantages and limitations of these new insights.

Machiel Noordeloos (b. 1949) is one of the leading experts on fungal taxonomy, particularly that of the Agaricales and Boletales in Europe. He is one of the world authorities on the genus Entoloma, a speciose and morphologically and ecologically highly diverse genus. At this moment he is working with a group of other experts on a thoroughly revised edition of Entoloma in the series Fungi Europei, with species concepts also based on molecular studies. He has also written a number of monographs on other Agarics genera including various white spored genera (Marasmioids, Collybioids), Lactarius, and the Boletes. Noordeloos has been editor of the long-term Flora Agaricina Neerlandica project since 1990, a critical flora in 11 volumes of all 2200 species occurring in Western Europe. Currently seven volumes have been published, with number 8 (Cortinarius) well on its way and a following number on Russula to be expected within the next three of four years. Furthermore, he is engaged in the project barcoding of Agaricales in the Netherlands in close cooperation with the Dutch Mycological Society and the Museum Naturalis in Leiden.