18 | 02 | 21

BMS Journals -Provisional Publication Dates

The provisional dates for compilation and dispatch of BMS journals in 2021- These may be subject to some variation! Read More

12 | 02 | 21

Killer Fungi: A Clear and Present Danger to Life on Earth

We share our planet with millions of different types of fungi, which perform numerous functions that make our planet habitable. However, there is a dark side to this Fungal Kingdom. New fungi are emerging that are wiping out susceptible amphibians and bats, and others are having a devastating effect on crops thus threatening world food security. Read More

30 | 10 | 20

BMS Newsletter Issue#3 2020 UKFD edition

The Third Issue of the BMS newsletter for 2020, a UKFD edition Read More

05 | 05 | 20

Downy Mildews and White Blister-Rusts

The ‘ Downy Mildews and White Blister rusts of Wales ’ is the latest in a series of books on the plant pathogens of Wale written by the ‘Welsh Rust Group’. Read More

06 | 04 | 20

Learning at home RBG Kew :

Learn about plant and fungal science from home with our resources. Read More

14 | 06 | 19

Prof Lynne Boddy of Cardiff University to receive an MBE

Members of the University community have been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for their exceptional contribution to society. Professor Lynne Boddy, from the School of Biosciences, has been awarded an MBE for services to Mycology and to Public Engagement in Science. Read More