Membership Categories

Full membership

Full members have a major interest in fungi and can partipate fully in the Society including voting in elections and at Society meetings. Many in this category are involved in fungal research, teaching fungal biology, or are professional mycologists involved in some other aspect of the discipline, including plant pathology, medicine and publishing. Equally, there are many field mycologists, who are expert in some aspect of fungal biology and are committed to the study of fungi. 

Associate membership

Associates members enjoy all the benefits of full membership but are not allowed to vote in Society elections and at Society meetings. 

Undergraduate student membership

Undergraduate Members are persons in full- or part-time education on courses leading to a Bachelors degree or equivalent, but not registered for a higher degree. 

Postgraduate student membership

Postgraduate Members must be registered for a higher degree and carrying out some form of research study on fungi.

Life membership

Life Membership is available (under Bye Law 3) for those who have been in full membership for at least 25 years.

Honorary membership

Honorary Members are persons of pre-eminence in mycology. Honorary Members are nominated by Council at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. 

Membership Renewals for 2022

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