Apply for Membership

Membership runs from 1st January annually, and applications received after 31st October will be processed to include the remaining part of the year and carry on through the following year.

You will see that the application for Membership requires the signatures of two existing Members who, by their signature, effectively propose and introduce the applicant to the Society. If you don’t know any existing Members, then include with your application form a short curriculum vitae or a note detailing your interests in fungi. In practice everyone who is interested in fungi and will support the Society is granted membership so do not let this procedure put you off applying.

Applicants in the student categories are also asked to provide additional information. A note must accompany Postgraduate Student Membership applications from the student’s research supervisor certifying that the applicant is a registered postgraduate student involved in mycological research (and remember that Postgraduate Student Membership is only allowed for a maximum of four years).

Undergraduate Student Membership applications must be accompanied by proof that the applicant is registered for a first degree or equivalent qualification, at a University or equivalent institution.

The easiest way to pay is via our Online Form but if you prefer you can use the forms below.

Download 2019 Application form: pdf.gif or Word Version icoword.gif

Download 2019 Membership Renewal Form: pdf.gif or Word Version icoword.gif

Return completed form to:

BMS Membership
Charles Darwin House
12 Roger Street