Undergraduate Student Bursary

The British Mycological Society offers a number of Undergraduate Student Bursaries to give experience of research in any branch of mycology.

The awards will provide support for the student at a rate of £200 per week normally for a period of between 4 and 10 weeks in the summer vacation prior to their final year of study. Overheads will not be paid but a sum of up to £250 is available to the host institution as a contribution to consumable costs of the research if funds are not available from other sources and the expenditure can be validated. No other payments will be made.


Supervisors at universities and research institutions within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply. The supervisor will normally be a full-time employee at a UK University or Research Institute, as well as a current paid-up member of the BMS for at least 6 months or more.  Only one application will be considered from each supervisor.

Students must be registered for a degree course at an institution within the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Awards will not be made for projects that are a required part of degree work, or expeditions, or for work outside the British Isles.

Note: Students must take up the bursary during the summer vacation before their final year. Applications on behalf of students in their final year will not be considered. A short report on the project will be required as part of the conditions of receiving the award. This report should be aimed at a more general readership, helping illustrate to the wider BMS membership how the Society uses its limited resources to fulfill its stated aim of 'promoting fungal science'. The inclusion of photographs and images from the project will assist a better understanding of the subject area. Failure to provide this report in a reasonable time after the completion of the project, may influence decisions in granting the award to the same supervisor or institution in the future.

How to apply

The application, original and one copy, must be made by the person who will supervise the research and not by the student. Supervisors are expected to discuss the project in detail with the nominated student and the student is expected to contribute to the project design. A one-page curriculum vitae for the nominated student will be required, together with a list of the supervisor's recent references. If the application is successful, the Awards will be paid to the institution by cheque in advance. The institution is expected to administer the award. Awards are made on the understanding that the institution ensures that the investigation complies with all relevant safety, regulatory and ethical requirements.

The closing date for applications is the last day in April in the year of application , and decisions will be announced before the end of May of the same year.

Download Application Form: pdf.gif