Small Grants

  • to travel to meetings if presenting a poster or paper
  • with fieldwork or research projects
  • to buy books or scientific equipment
  • to hire meeting rooms or attend forays
  • to support the cost of preparing applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund for mycological projects.

These Grants are open to all categories of members of the Society. They should not be used to support travel and/or accommodation at BMS-organised scientific meetings. Awards will not be made to supplement existing undergraduate awards or replace institutional funding for undergraduate or postgraduate research. Maximum possible amount allocated will be £500

Support for attendance at meetings will be considered only if:

  • the applicant is presenting a poster or paper
  • the application is submitted normally at least four months prior to the meeting
  • other supporting funds have actively been sought, with evidence of this provided;

Normally only one person will be supported from any one group to attend a meeting. Applications based on hardship will be considered sympathetically (and, of course, confidentially). The basic criterion is that the award is used to promote mycology. Retrospective application will not normally be considered.

Application form: pdf.gif Pdf version or  Word Glyph.gif  Word Version to download, complete, save and return via email.

Deadlines for applications are:
March 20th; July 20th; September 20th and December 20th in each year

Young Members Grants

These are for members under 25 years to attend Society Meetings and Forays
The awards take the form of a voucher giving discount on the accommodation and other charges set out on any booking form for a meeting or foray of the British Mycological Society. Travel expenses will not be met and normally only a single award will be made to an applicant in any one calendar year. Applications must be received at least two clear months before the meeting to which they refer and maybe submitted prior to the publication of a booking form.

Application form: pdf.gif

Seminar Grants

Seminar grants are available to support speakers at UK university seminar programmes. The topic must be on an aspect of fungal biology and the university must provide evidence of teaching and research programmes in mycology. The maximum grant available is £100. There is no formal application and applicants should contact the administrator at with details of the venue and travel.


Applicants for BMS financial Grants must have been an active BMS member for a minimum of 6 months prior to applying for any of the Grants/Bursaries/Funds offered.