Field Mycology Award

The BMS Field Mycology Award will be awarded to recognise a person who has contributed extraordinarily to the advancement of British field mycology. Its recipients will have contributed significantly to one or more of the following: conservational, taxonomic, recording or educational activities. This may include, regularly led field events or workshops, written extensively or lectured widely about fungal conservation or identification of fungi.

Nominations for this award should be in the form of a nominating letter, which includes an overview of the nominee's outstanding contribution. Nominations of deceased individuals will not be accepted. Nominations are accepted for consideration until January 1st of the award year. Send a single copy of a nomination by mail or email to:


Geoffrey Kibby (2015) 

2015 Award


The first recipient of the British Mycological Society's FMC award for an outstanding contribution to the advancement of British field mycology was presented to Geoffrey Kibby for his exceptional contribution to Fungal Taxonomy and Education over recent decades.  Geoffrey  was presented with the bespoke award at the  November 2015 autumn Meeting at Kew Gardens.

He was  presented with a bespoke piece of artwork created by the Calligrapher Cathy Stables who is a fellow of the Society of Scribes and illuminators and the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts society