AGM 2010

  • Date: 27th November 2010
  • Time :5:30pm (after Autumn Meeting)
  • Venue: Jodrell Building, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Minutes of AGM 2010 pdf.gif

Proposed amended BMS Constitution pdf.gif

Nominations by Council

Council    Retiring
  Naresh Magan President 31.12.2013
  Stuart Skeates Vice President 31.12.2011
  Geoff Robson President Elect 31.12.2013
  Geoff Gadd Treasurer  
  Vacant Secretary  
  Pieter van West Publications Officer  
  Anthony Whalley International Advisor  
Fungal Biology Research     
  Simon Avery Chair 31.12.2012
  Elaine Bignell   31.12.2013
  Mark Ramsdale   31.12.2013
  Nick Read   31.12.2013
  Pieter van West   31.12.2013
  Peter Crittenden   31.12.2011
  Fordyce Davidson   31.12.2011
Fungal Education and Outreach    
  Paul Dyer Chair 31.12.2013
  Matt Fisher   31.12.2011
  Ali Ashby   31.12.2013
  Sue Assinder   31.12.2013
  Kay Yeoman   31.12.2013
  Carol Hobart   31.12.2012
Field Mycology and Conservation    
  Stuart Skeates Chair 31.12.2011
  Bruce Ing Conservation 31.12.2012
  Paul Kirk Fungal Database 31.12.2012
  Carol Hobart Meetings 31.12.2012
  Dave Minter FBR link 31.12.2011
  Derek Schafer Membership 31.12.2011
  Shelia Spence Groups coordinator 31.12.2013