Council is the main decision making body of the Society and its members form the Trustees of the Charity. The Council is made up of twelve elected trustees and one overseas advisor. It is chaired by the President who is in post for two years. There is one Vice-President who, together with the President, represents both the Fungal Biology Research and Field Mycology branches of the Society. They are supported by a General Secretary, Treasurer, Publications Officer and two representatives from each of the Fungal Biology Research, Fungal Education & Outreach and Field Mycology & Conservation Committees.

Council Members 2022

President  Prof Janet Quinn
Vice President David Harries
General Secretary Prof Naresh Magan
Treasurer Prof Geoffrey Gadd
Publications Officer Prof Matthias Brock 
Overseas Advisor (non-voting) Prof Anthony Whalley
FBR Committee representative Dr Angel Medina Vaya
FEO Committee representative Dr Linda Davies
FMC Committee representative Marcus Yeo
FMC Committee representatvie Dr Brian Douglas