Fungal Education & Outreach Committee

The Fungal Education and Outreach (FEO) Committee has a remit to promote knowledge of fungi and fungal science to the public at all levels from junior school, through secondary school and universities, to adults including the general public and teachers. The aim is to convey an appreciation of the importance and fascinating diversity of fungi, and also inspire the next generation of fungal biologists. The committee designs and provides resources for a variety of education and outreach activities such as school lesson plans, University teaching materials, and pull-up displays for general public events.

The FEO Committee holds two meetings a year and members keep in touch as required between meetings.

Committee Members 2022

Dr Linda Davies (Academic Research Adviser) Chair 2019 - 2022
Emma Gilmartin 2021 -20 23
Cameron Diekonigen  2021 - 2023
Dr Mark Ramsdale 2022 - 2024
Mr Gary Easton 2022 - 2024
Ms Corina Marcos 2022 - 2024
Co-opted for 2022:  
Prof Lynne Boddy   
Ethan Henderson   
FEO Committee ROLES


To manage incoming enquiries and liaise with external agencies and internal members of the British Mycological Society regarding all aspects of Education (Primary, Secondary, FE, HE and Lifelong learning) and Outreach (Building collaborations with institutes, societies, media and the General Public). To ensure reporting of all activities of the committee to members and non-members in a timely manner. To ensure that the public face of the British Mycological Society is seen as one that embraces and encourages education and outreach for all members of society both in the UK and Internationally. To support individuals and groups in their endeavours to promote fungal science.

Vice- Chair

To support the Chair and train to take on the role. This responsibility is one that should be taken alongside one of the other offices below.

Secondary School Adviser

To liaise with groups involved in age 11-19 education in the UK. To promote and develop resources for learning sequences that enhances the profile of fungi within the age range. To support MiSAC in their work as well as Universities who offer fungal education opportunities that are endeavouring to engage the age group.

Primary School Adviser

To liaise with groups involved in age 4-11 education in the UK. To promote and develop resources for learning sequences that enhances the profile of fungi within the age range. To support Societies and other agencies, looking for opportunities to enhance the primary curriculum.

Academic Research Adviser

To liaise with Universities, Industry and Research Institutes involved in Fungal Research. To provide a link between academia and the non-specialists, whatever their background. To support early-career academics, post-docs and PhD/Masters students as they emerge onto the international stage and facilitate their appeal to the general public.

Public Outreach (x 2)

To provide a link to meet with biology-based or non-biology based charities/societies/research institutes/industries/groups and find a way for fungal biologists to assist them in making their ideas about fungi informative and realistic.

Life-long Learning

To provide information to interested parties regarding training opportunities beyond academic environments. To include non-scientists in our endeavours to promote fungal science. To ensure that adults with changing interests can be included in our community.

Media Liaison

The role is to liaise with the media (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) answering queries and providing authoritative information (or directing to any appropriate persons of written source) on any fungal topic. This may include interviews, and TV appearances. The role necessitates beingnproactive. Authoring popular articles is beneficial, as is outreach on social media. To curate and contribute information for BMS social media content, having relevance to Society activities and the promotion of fungi and fungal science.