Fungal Biology Research Committee

The Fungal Biology Research (FBR) Committee reports to the Council on activities concerning the promotion of fungal biology research, and will support initiatives that help to achieve that aim.

The FBR Committee holds two meetings a year and members keep in touch as required between meetings.

 Committee Members 2022

Dr Angel Medina Vaya (Chair)  Retires December 31st 2021
Prof Matthias Brock  (BMS Publications officer) Retires December 31st 2021
Dr Filipa Cox  Retires December 31st 2023
Prof Dan Bebber  Retires December 31st 2023
Dr John Hallsworth Retires December 31st 2023
Dr Andrew Armitage Retires December 31st 2024
Dr Rhys Farrer Retires December 31st 2024
Co opted:  
Prof Paul Dyer (IMA representative)  


Fungal Biology Research Committee Mission Statement 

  • Promote heightened recognition of mycological science in the UK and Internationally
  • Engage and inspire future generations of fungal biologists
  • Organise and support conferences, meetings and workshops for the international mycological community
  • Promote networking across the mycological community and maintain strong links and communications with other mycological societies and the International Mycological Association (IMA)
  • Strengthen links with UK and international funding bodies and industry to ensure fungal research has a voice where funding and strategy decisions are being made ​​​​​