Council and Committees

The overall affairs of the Society are managed by Council comprising elected Senior Officers and Ordinary Members representing the subsidiary committees.

Council consists of a President (elected for two years), a Vice President, President elect, General Secretary, Treasurer, Publications Officer, two members from each of the three sections of the Society (Fungal Biology Research; Fungal Education & Outreach; Field Mycology & Conservation) and Overseas Advisor.

The four main Committees reporting to Council are:

Members of Council and the Committees are nominated  and selected by election (as necessary) before being formally approved at an Annual General Meeting.


Call for nominations to the FBR, FEO and FMC Committees for 2022

We invite BMS Members with an interest in joining a BMS Committee to submit a summary of skills and experience outlining suitability for the role.  Please send no more than half a page of A4 (approximately 250 to 300 words) including why you wish to join the Committee and what you feel you can contribute. 

Committee Members are expected to attend two meetings per year (either face-to-face or on-line) and participate in e-mail, telephone or online correspondence as needed between meetings. Successful candidates will be elected for one year, are subject to re-election at subsequent AGMs and can remain on a Committee for up to three years.

Details of the remits of each of the Committees and available posts are below.  The remit of the Committees cannot always be fully covered by the officers, and additional volunteers are also sought to support the BMS.

Please note that nominations are requested by 14th June (i.e. not less than three months preceding the Annual General Meeting (scheduled for 15 September 2021) - BMS Constitution paragraph 17, sub section 7).  Some flexibility may be applied, as needed, in the context of the current pandemic situation.

If you have any questions or wish to be considered as a candidate, please contact us at:

Fungal Education and Outreach Committee 

The FEO Committee has a remit to promote knowledge of fungi and fungal science to the public at all levels from junior school, through secondary school and universities, to adults including the general public and teachers. The aim is to convey an appreciation of the importance and fascinating diversity of fungi, and also inspire the next generation of fungal biologists. The committee designs and provides resources for a variety of education and outreach activities such as school lesson plans, University teaching materials, and pull-up displays for general public events. This committee is committed to putting fungi to the forefront of issues relating to education in institutions as well as in the general public arena.

There will a number of vacancies on this Committee for 2022.


Field Mycology and Conservation Committee 

The FMC Committee deals with all the issues involving field mycology and fungus conservation in the UK on behalf of the BMS. These include the Recording Network, field meetings and workshops, conservation issues and fungal recording. Members of this Committee represent the interests of the Society on various national bodies and are actively involved in ensuring that the Society's porgramme of field events. Members also coordinate the forays and the Recording Network. Increasingly we need to attend meetings with Plantlife, Natural England, DEFRA (and others) to ensure that fungal interests are voiced and to co-operate and advise on conservation issues.

The FMC Committee will have one vacancy in 2022 for a new Committee member.


Fungal Biology Research Committee 

The FBR Committee is dedicated to the promotion of fungal biology, as it is pursued at Universities and Research Institutions. Members may have research interests spanning the breadth of fungal biology, including: cell biology, biochemistry and physiology; genomics, genetics and molecular biology; pathogenesis and disease control; evolution and systematics; environment and ecology; mutualistic relationships; systems biology; biotechnology. The Main Scientific Meeting is a flagship event organised by FBR Committee annually, with a major portion of the FBR Committee budget dedicated to its success. The meeting attracts academic fungal biologists and leading speakers from across the world. This Committee also organises joint meetings with other societies and makes nominations to BMS Council for the prestigious Berkeley Award, awarded for an outstanding original contribution to mycology.

There will a number of vacancies on this Committee for 2022.

BMS Council/Trustees

Candidates may also be nominated to the BMS Council/Trustee roles as outlined within the BMS Constitution  paragraph 17, section 6, subsection (a), parts (i) to (v).