Constitution Part 2

7  Membership.

(1) Membership of the Society shall be open to:

(a) individuals (over the age of eighteen years) who are interested in furthering the work of the Society and who have paid the appropriate annual subscription laid down from time to time by Council, and

(b) any body corporate or unincorporated association which is interested in furthering the Society's work and has paid any annual subscription (any such body being called in this constitution a "member organisation").

 (2) Individual membership of the Society shall consist of Members, Members for Life, Honorary Members, Associate Members, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Members.  Centenary Fellows elected on the occasion of the Society's centenary in 1996 are to be treated as and have the privileges of Honorary Members.

 (3) Honorary Members shall be persons of pre-eminence in mycology and/or who have given outstanding service to the Society.  Honorary Membership shall not normally exceed two per cent of the Membership at any one time.

 (4) Members, Members for Life, Honorary Members and Postgraduate Members shall have all the entitlements of membership of the Society.  Hereinafter in this Constitution and in any bye laws the term 'Member' shall include Honorary Members, Postgraduate Members and Members for Life unless otherwise stated.

 (5) The entitlements of membership or associateship of the Society are as follows:

 (a) Members shall be entitled to:

 (i) attend and participate in any activity of the Society including regional meetings, provided that, where approved by Council, they have paid such fees additional to the Annual Membership Subscription as are deemed necessary;

(ii) Purchase for their personal use, such publications that are produced by the Society at the time whether in printed or electronic form.  Publications are issued to Members as personal copies and must not be displayed in or donated to institutions or libraries or resold within five years of the date of publication.  Infringement of this will be sufficient grounds for withdrawing membership;

 (iii) stand for any office or appointment within the Society;

 (iv) vote at any General Meeting of the Society.

 (b) Associate Members and Undergraduate Members shall be entitled to:

 (i) attend and participate in any activities of the Society on such terms as are determined by Council but they are not entitled to vote nor stand for election to Council;

 (ii) purchase, for their personal use , such publications that are produced by the Society at the time whether in printed or electronci form, under the same terms as the issue of publications to Members.

 (6) Election of Members, Honorary Members, Postgraduate Members, Undergraduate Members and Associate Members.

 (a) Honorary Members shall be proposed by Members and approved by Council and elected at a quorate Annual General Meeting of the Society by a majority of the Members present.

 (b) A candidate for election as a member can apply by completing a registration form that can be accessed through the BMS website. An application should be made by including information about the mycological interest(s) and with which BMS committee the candidate is most affiliated.

 (c) All candidates for membership or associateship, if elected, shall sign an undertaking to abide by the Constitution and any bye laws.  Normally, they shall be elected by a majority of the Members present at Council or any meeting of the Society.  Exceptionally, they may be elected by the President and two other Honorary Officers, such elections being subject to ratification at a subsequent meeting of Council.

 (d) A copy of the Constitution and any bye-laws shall be made available to each member.

 (7) Refusal of membership.

 (a) The Trustees may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the Society to refuse the application.

 (b) The Trustees must inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for the refusal within twenty-one days of the decision.

 (c) The Trustees must consider any written representations the applicant may make about the decision.  The Trustees' decision following any written representations must be notified to the applicant in writing but shall be final.

 (8) Membership is not transferable.

 (9) The Trustees must keep a register of names and contact details of the members. The details of individual members will be made available to other members providing the member has given consent to such release and the release of the data is in accordance with the provisions of  the Data Protection Act.

 (10) Subscriptions.

 (a) Each Member, Associate Member , Postgraduate Member and Undergraduate Member shall pay the annual subscription, but Honorary Members shall be exempt from any such payment. The values of the annual subscriptions, for the following year, shall be determined by Council and reported at the Annual General Meeting.

 (b) Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year and publications will not be sent until outstanding subscriptions are received.

 (c) Any Member of at least twenty-five years standing who is over sixty-five years of age (sixty if already in retirement) may become a Member for Life by a single payment equal to seven years subscription. 

 (d) An undergraduate or postgraduate student who is registered for a higher degree is entitled to apply for membership at a reduced subscription rate, to be determined by Council, during the period in which the student is engaged in study or research, providing that the student's reduced subscription payment is accompanied by a signed statement from the tutor or research supervisor certifying that the student is registered and working for such a degree in a named institution at the time payment is due.  Such a student may enjoy this concession for a maximum of seven years, of which no more than three years may be as an undergraduate student and no more than four years as a postgraduate student.