The Society set up a working party who undertook a major review of the Society's structure and working during 2009 and reported their recommendations to Council. As a consequence changes were recommended to the Constitution which was adopted at the Special General Meeting held on 26 Feb 2010 in Nottingham. The Constitution adopted at this SGM is set out below and available to download.

Further amendments agreed at BMS AGMs will be added as required.

The latest amendments agreed and added September 17th 2019

Part 1

1 Adoption of the Constitution.
2 The Name.
3 The Objects.
4 Application of the Income and Property.
5 Dissolution.
6 Amendments.

Part 2

7 Membership.
8 Termination of membership.
9 General Meetings.
10 Notice.
11 Quorum.
12 Chair.
13 Adjournments.
14 Votes.
15 Representatives of Other Bodies.
16 Council and Committees.
17 Appointment of Trustees.
18 Powers of Trustees.
19 Disqualification and Removal of Trustees.
20 Proceedings of Trustees.
21 Irregularities in Proceedings.
22 Minutes.
23 Annual Report and Return and Accounts.
24 Registered particulars.
25 Property.
26 Repair and Insurance
27 Notices.
28 Rules and Bye-Laws.

Download the complete Constitution: pdf.gif