Fungal Biology Research Committee

The FBR Committee reports to the Council of the BMS on activities concerning the promotion of fungal biology research, and will support initiatives that help to achieve that aim.

 Committee members 2021

Dr Angel Medina Vaya (Chair)   (retires December 31st 2021)

Cranfield University
Prof Matthias Brock  (BMS Publications officer) (retires December 31st 2021) Nottingham University
 Dr Martin Bidartando  (Internal Liaisons Officer) (retires December 31st 2021) Imperial College
 Dr Filipa Cox   (retires December 31st 2023) Manchester University
Michael Csukai  (Industrial Liaisons Officer) (retires December 31st 2021)  
Dr John Hallsworth  (retires December 31st 2023)  
Prof Dan Bebber  (retires December 31st 2023) Exeter University
Prof Paul Dyer (IMA representative co-opted) Nottingham University

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