Field Mycology and Conservation Committee

The Field Mycology and Conservation Committee deals with all issues relating to fungal conservation, biodiversity and field related activities.  The Field Mycology Committee also supports the BMS recording network and organises a programme of field meetings and workshops. It liaises with and advises local, national and international conservation bodies and manages the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland.

The Committee holds two meetings a year in addition to electronic communication in between time.

Committee members 2020

Mr Andy Overall 2020/22
Mr Pat O'Reilly 2019/21
Ms Pat Cavanagh 2019/21
Mr Brian Gale 2020/22
Ms Jeannette Maddy 2018/20
Dr Eric Janke 2018/20
Mr David Harries (Network Co-ordinator) 2018/20
Dr Paul Kirk (Database manager)  
Dr Stuart Skeates (webmaster)  
Mr Peter Smith (Foray manager)  

Next meeting

Minutes of FMCC Meetings

  • FMCC report for Council March 2018  pdf.gif