Howard Eggins Award

This award is made from a benefaction to the Society in memory of Dr Howard Eggins who served the Society for many years first as Hon. General Secretary and then as Treasurer. This award is given to a young scientist who presents the most outstanding paper at an annual or other meeting of the Society at which members are invited to contribute offered papers.

Berkeley Award

Nominations are invited for the Berkeley Award which commemorates the contributions of the Rev. M. J. Berkeley (1803-1889) to mycology. Candidates should be at an early stage in their career (normally within five years of permanent appointment) to be eligible for nomination and should be a Member of the Society on receipt of the Award. The Award will be based on appropriate evidence of an outstanding original scientific contribution to mycology which may be supported by published papers, or typescripts of papers accepted for publication. Candidates shall, with their approval, be proposed and seconded by two Members.  Nominations should be submitted between the 1st of  February and the 30th of April. The award will be presented in September of the same year.

Benefactors' Medal

The Benefactors' medal is given to those persons who have given outstanding service to the Society. Nominations may be made and submitted to Council for consideration by any member of the Society.

Microscopy Award

This award is given for the best paper presented, presentation(oral or poster) by a postgraduate student on an aspect of mycology in which microscopy has been used, at a meeting of the Society where microscopy was used as a substantial component of the presented fungal research.

John Webster Award

The John Webster Fungal Biology Research Award is made in recognition of an outstanding contribution to fungal research.  Nominations should be submitted between the 1st of  January and the 31st of March. The award will be presented in September of the same year. About John Webster

Field Mycology Award

The BMS Field Mycology Award will be awarded to recognise a person who has contributed extraordinarily to the advancement of British field mycology. Its recipients will have contributed significantly to one or more of the following: conservational, taxonomic, recording or educational activities. Further details and past recipients can be viewed here

Fungal Outreach Award

The BMS Fungal Outreach award is for those making an outstanding contribution to Fungal Education and Outreach. Further details and past recipients can be viewed here