BMS AGM 2015

Nov 28th 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Jodrell Lecture Theatre - Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, TW9 3DS

  • Venue: Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Garden, Kew
  • Date: Saturday 28th November 2015
  • Time: 12.20am to 1.00pm

BMS AGM 2014 Minutes, Jodrell Laboratory, November 29th 2014 pdf.gif

Nominations for BMS Council and Committees 2016



Prof Nick Read

Retiring 31-12-16


Dr David Minter

Retiring 31-12-17

President Elect*

Prof Pieter Van West



Prof Geoff Gadd


General Secretary:

Dr Geoff Robson


Publications Officer*:       

Dr Alex Brand


FBR representatives:

Dr Elaine Bignell



Prof. Neil Gow


FMC representatives:

Ms Carol Hobart



Mr Peter Smith


FEO representatives:

Dr Ali Ashby



Dr Kay Yeoman




Dr Elaine Bignell* (Chair)

Retiring 31-12-18

Prof Gero Steinberg

Retiring 31-12-16

Prof Neil Gow

Retiring 31-12-17

Prof Janet Quinn

Retiring 31-12-17

Pror Simon Avery

Retiring 31-12-17

Dr Chris Thornton

Retiring 31-12-17

Dr Alex Brand (BMS Publications Officer)


Dr Steven Bates – co-opted




Caroline Hobart (Chair)

Retiring 31-12-16

Peter Smith (Foray manager)

Retiring 31-12-16

Dr Andy Taylor

Retiring 31-12-17

Martin Allison

Retiring 31-12-17

Dr Paul Cannon

Retiring 31-12-17

Marcus Yeo

Retiring 31-12-17

Malcolm Storey* 

Retiring 31-12-18

Dr Stuart Skeates (BMS webmaster) co-opted

Dr Martyn Ainsworth (FMCC scientific advisor) co-opted


Dr Paul Kirk (BMS database manager/FRDBI development) co-opted


David Harries (Group leader) - co-opted



Fungal education & outreach committee 2016

Dr Ali Ashby (Chair)

Retiring 31-12-16

Dr Kay Yeoman (Higher Education Advisor) 

Retiring 31-12-16

Dr Bruce Langridge (Gardens, Museums and other Institutions Advisor)

Retiring 31-12-16

Ms Ninela Ivanova (Arts and Design Advisor)

Retiring 31-12-16

Dr Rebecca Hall (Academic Outreach Advisor)

Retiring 31-12-17

Dr Eleanor Landy* (Secondary Schools Advisor)

Retiring 31-12-18

Mr Johnathan Worton* (Primary Schools Advisor)

Retiring 31-12-18

Prof Lynne Boddy (Media Relations) – co-opted


Ms Beverley Rhodes (Public Outreach) – co-opted


 *New nominations for Jan 2016


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