Dr. Carsten Ambelas Skjøth PhD

Senior Lecturer

Research Focus

Bioaerosols (spores and pollen): Sources, their spread and impact on human health, agriculture and ecosystems

Scientific Activities

The main research questions on bioaerosols are related to the exchange between atmosphere and the vegetation/surface and how meteorology affects this exchange and later the concentration of the species in the atmosphere. The studies species includes pollen (e.g. birch, grasses, ragweed) fungal spores (e.g. Alternaria and Cladosporium), pathogens and the interplay with chemical air pollutants. The research is typically carried out by combining ground based observations with mathematical models and data obtained using satellites or drones.

Significant Publications

C.A Skjøth et al (2016) Alternaria spores in the air across Europe: abundance, seasonality and relationships with climate, meteorology and local environment, Aerobiologia, Vol 32, 3-22 C.A

Skjøth et al (2012) Crop harvest in Denmark and Central Europe contributes to the local load of airborne Alternaria spore concentrations in Copenhagen, Atmos Chem Phys 12 (22), 11107-11123


Contact information

Institute of Science and the Environment
University of Worcester, Henwick Grove

Email: c.skjoth@worc.ac.uk