Prof. Peter Sudbery

Roper Chair of Genetics

Research Focus

Molecular and Cellular growth of Candida albicans hyphae

Scientific Activities

The role and targets of key kinases and phosphatases, use of Mass Spectroscopy to identify kinase and phosphatase-interacting proteins

Significant Publications

Greig JA, Sudbery IM, Richardson JP, Naglik JR, Wang Y, Sudbery PE (2015) Cell Cycle-Independent Phospho-Regulation of Fkh2 during Hyphal Growth Regulates Candida albicans Pathogenesis. PLoS Pathog 11(1): e1004630. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1004630

Caballero-Lima,D., and Sudbery,P.E. (2014) In Candida albicans, phosphorylation of Exo84 by Cdk1-Hgc1 is necessary for efficient hyphal extension. Molecular Biology of the Cell 25: 1097-1110

Caballero-Lima D, Kaneva IN, Watton SP, Sudbery PE, Craven CJ. (2013) The spatial distribution of the exocyst and actin cortical patches is sufficient to organize hyphal tip growth. Eukaryotic Cell 12:998-1008


Contact information

University of Sheffield
Western Bank
S10 2TN