Dr. Frances M. Dewey (Molly)

Research Associate

Research Focus

Detection and quantification of specific fungi using monoclonal antibodies

Scientific Activities

Now retired from lab work. Work in advisory capacity

Significant Publications

Dewey,F.M., Hill, M. and De Scenzo, R. (2008) Quantification of Botrytis and Laccase in Wine grapes. Am. J. Enol.Vitic.59, 47-54.

Dewey FM, Steel CC, Gurr S. J. (2013) Lateral flow devices to rapidly determine levels of stable Botrytis antigens in table and dessert wines. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture doi: 10.5344/ajev.2012.12103.

Grant-Downton, R.T., Terhem, R.B., Kapralov, M.V., Mehdi, S., Rodriguez-Enriquez, M.J., Gurr, S.J., van Kan, J.A.L., Dewey, F.M. (2014) A novel Borytis species is associated with a newly emergent foliar disease in cultivated Hemerocallis. PLoS One 9(6): e 89272


Contact information

University of Oxford
South Parks Rd

Email: molly@fmdewey.com