Prof. Nick D Read

Professor of Fungal Cell Biology

Research Focus

Cell biology of fungus-host interactions, Fungal cell tropisms and cell fusion, Antifungal peptides

Scientific Activities

Much of the research involves analysing living cells using a wide range of advanced imaging techniques and quantitative measurements and screens involving high throughput, multiparameter, live-cell assays. This involves integrating these live-cell techniques with genetical and physiological studies, with emphasis on in terdisciplinary research.

Significant Publications

Muñoz, A., Bertuzzi, M., Bettgenhaeuser, J., Iakobachvili, N., Bignell, E. & Read, N. Different Stress-Induced Calcium Signatures Are Reported by Aequorin-Mediated Calcium Measurements in Living Cells of Aspergillus fumigatus 24 Sep 2015 In : P L o S One. 109

Bleichrodt, R-J., Vinck, A., Read, N. D. & Wösten, H. A. B. Selective transport between heterogeneous hyphal compartments via the plasma membrane lining septal walls of Aspergillus niger. Sep 2015 In : Fungal genetics and biology : FG & B. 82p. 193-200

Zhao, C., Fernandez, A., Avlonitis, N., Vande Velde, G., Bradley, M., Read, N. D. & Vendrell, M. Searching for the optimal fluorophore to label antimicrobial peptides 10 Oct 2016 In : ACS Combinatorial Science.


Contact information

Division of Infection, Immunity and Respiratory Medicine
CTF Building, Grafton Street
M13 9NT