Dr. Ian Roberts

Curator NCYC

Research Focus

Yeast phylogenetics and comparative genomics

Scientific Activities

Authenticated yeast cultures and information linked to genome mining and trait analysis data for academia, industrial biotechnology and biomedicine

Significant Publications

James S. A., West C., Davey R. P., Dicks J., Roberts I. N. (2016) Prevalence and Dynamics of Ribosomal DNA Micro-heterogeneity Are Linked to Population History in Two Contrasting Yeast Species. Scientific reports 6 28555

Field S. J., Ryden P., Wilson D., James S. A., Roberts I. N., Richardson D. A., Waldron K. W., Clarke T. A. (2015) Identification of furfural resistant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces paradoxus from a collection of environmental and industrial isolates. Biotechnology for Biofuels 8: 33

West C., James S. A., Davey R. P., Dicks J., Roberts I. N. (2014) Ribosomal DNA Sequence Heterogeneity Reflects Intraspecies Phylogenies and Predicts Genome Structure in Two Contrasting Yeast Species. Systematic Biology 63: 543-554


Contact information

Norwich Research Park

Email: ian.roberts@ifr.ac.uk